Thursday, May 8, 2008

It tickles my heart again...

after the hasty appearance of the radiant sheen comet at my sky, i thought i would never had another sight of that fey scene again. That magical moment happened in a split-second but it was filled with intense feelings that caused sleepless lovely nights for me. That experience was bracing, like the magic of the soul that brought me to being. I thought I would never experience another thrill, another rush, another tempting beat of my heart..till one night...the night that i never expected to be the magic re encounter. For the second time, i saw the glow of that comet. I was in the silence of my heart, feeling every movement, every melody that's dancing in the air. It was a moment of opposing feelings, fusing emotions...indeed magic. On that pace of excitement, i controlled myself for me to see the real beauty of that comet. I controlled every energy that would really like to flare up intensely, the feeling that i was floating on the thin air but it was a happy moment. Your face, your smile, your laughters, every inch of you in the virtual world. I couldn't touch you but I could feel you. I couldn't cuddle you but i could imagine the heat of your body and I could feel your breathe caressing my face. Your presence that brought another magic even in that essential nature of interspace.

I am happy with this, i just wanna live with the moment.
It tickles my heart again.


or said...

ahihihi! kinikilig naman ako dito. lol

or said...

parang HS lang ah. lol. teka, college na pla ako nung kinikilig ako. lol

interesting entry to ah. bat ba ngaun ko lang nabasa to? lol