Friday, January 2, 2009

Prospero Año Nuevo

6:30am with 1000 sheep - still no nod off.

Am I Late?
As a person who doesn’t want to go with the crowd, lemme greet ya’ ol a HAPPY, happy NEW YEAR, am I late? – Not really.

Well, what I can say now? Hmmm…VOILA!!! Finally I’m done –one great stretch, (just almost done - in excess of excitement, “grins”) with my tons of report-discussions for Jan 5th. It’s very tiring, I worked till wee hours just to finish this unfair task. Why on earth the coordinator gave me 12 topics to be discussed while my other colleagues got only three and some were even buddies in discussion? Makes me wanna cry, I spent five days in solitude at my filthy room doing this errand instead of chillin’ out with my fella at the max out Merry X & New year celebrations. But anyhow, I’m almost done now. Many thanks to my ever-supportive friends who gave me a lot of materials, overflowing –I may say.

walk on by...

So it’s New Year huh! The road is pretty dark but I ain’t got choice other than to keep on moving forward. Just keep on walking and getting’ jiggy wit’ “it”, shake the hoof mama mia. O8 was just awful because everything was fucked-up – love, sex life, career, and sex life. So i guess 08 is the time for me to shake some booties, to spend some goodies with no worries, and of course to have some hotties, lol. Haroo, haroo 2009, busy 2009. Aint got resolutions for this year (am too good) but holdin’ up my crossed-fingers, imma squeeze a little of body work-outs, lol to the 10th power and lots (and lots) of snooze (badly need this one, pimply-pimply face, i hate it)in my busy routine.

Good Morning

Happy New Year Amigos!

walk on by...

...another 12 months to enjoy (hope so). Meanwhile, chill out with my new pick of song,the jeez, this is AWWWWful! BAng!Bang! I just love the arrogant haughtiness and the misery of this song! Enjoy!

Hit it

Walk on by - 20. walk on by

N.B.1: it's just a quickie post...
N.B.2: missed taking photos, esp good moening pics
N.B.3: one slap to my face, i neeed to sleeep!