Wednesday, September 21, 2011

another drama

It’s almost daybreak yet I haven’t been tossed with lethargy and my eyes are still glued with the windows of blue. The egghead is sailing towards the dramatic waves of the feeble inner self and nothings left to inscribe something appealing or just some plain facts, only the saga of own tragedy. I again faked my snooze to give rest to my baby whose tiredness was apparent on the other line. “Sigh”, I am sullen about the unfortunate events that happened in my life. It’s still my delight to have the Dr. before my name, not just the title but the nobleness of being one. It was a castle in the sky during my youth, but now it became more of a path of exodus. I plan to take the admission test this December but duh my stock knowledge in high school lessons had crashed years ago.Shucks! I need to wear sunscreen, I'm worrying much.