Saturday, July 26, 2008


Its driving me nuts, 11:11 what does it mean. This “11:11 phenomenon” has been bugging me for years already. It started during my college years. Yeah! At first, I thought it’s just a coincidence but the frequency of seeing 11:11 on the clock, on my cell phone, at school’s wall clock…had increased substantial. Then I started thinking some craps about it, “Am I going to die on Nov 2011” and other freaky thoughts. Then when my friends and I had a sleepover party for our friend who would leave for Singapore, I spilled out that topic and they told me to consult a numerologist. Sheesh, I am not that superstitious. The 11:11 phenomenon didn’t stop but the heck to make a sense out that crap. Just last time, I had a fun chat with my friend. We had this weird questions game, throw any kind of questions but it should be weirdo, that's the rule. Then I asked her "what’s the usual reading on your clock whenever you look at it". She told me 12am, and then I said mine is 11:11. That’s weirdo, I said. Then googling the 11:11 had popped into my mind.

“A new age of "Spiritual Uplift" has begun on our planet. There are now literally billions of Celestial beings here, all of whom have been especially trained to assist with changing the course of this planet. Many more of these delightful Spirit Guardians are now ready to assist whoever will ask for their help. As a tribute to the centuries-long tenure of the original 1,111 Celestial Helpers, they have retained the customary 11:11 prompts. We are told that well over a million folks are being given these 11:11 prompts, and a glance around the web will tell you something big is happening. Welcome to being an 11'er. “

“Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than chance or coincidence. [1] This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. [2] Other authors believe it is an auspicious sign, [3] and others that it signals a spirit presence.” - Wikepedia

All right, I’m trying to make sense out this crap. And it sucks. Btw, it makes me laugh...crap!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sultry Glances

It was past midnight and the ambiance was cozy and reserved, reserved for something sultry things to happen. Everything was set up, the jazz music airing in the hushed midnight scene like a moonlight sonata, plus the left over foods fresh from the fridge. There was only one thing missing, a pot of coffee. The sound of my whopping mug was breaking the silence as it hits the plates on the dish organizer. Then a heard someone on flight down the stairs. I looked around and saw the pinkish feet brushing each of the staircase bit by bit then the gradual presentation of the shiny legs and finally the ceramic skin of the thighs as the light bulb on the sidewall underscoring the lovely scene. I got thirst with that scene and I didn’t notice that she’s already in front of me.
“Sunny magiinit lang ako ng tubig”, she said as if she was whispering to me.
“ I’ll do it, magkakape rin ako eh, want a cup?”, my jumpy reply. Of course, I hid the tension at the back of my head.
“inde ako makatulog eh, warm milk saken” she said.
I boiled the water. Her green lil mug was on the table with some scoops of milk. When the water came to boil, I went to her at table holding the pot of boiling water.
“ako na magsasalin” she said while looking into my eyes.
“ako na,” my reply while holding her stare at me. She broke the stillness of our stare by turning her look at her mug. Then I put some water into my mug too. I would like to start a conversation with her but she turned her head down and frowned while she was holding her phone and moving her index finger on the keypads. All right, she’s busy sending a text message. I sat on the couch, of course on the site where in I could have sultry glances on her desirable body. She’s sexy with her orange shorts decked out with hibiscus prints and her tight fitting spaghetti strap tops, just like a camisole. My blood was boiling at that time. But the crap after three or five sips of her milk, she bid goodbye and went up to her room. What has left with me was the memory I that gathered through my sultry glances.

cry for help...

damn! life sucks. depression has caught me and it's killing me...


For the nth time of my life, I have this feeling again, (_)that makes a funny smash to my tummy. The excitement is there, present and jumping. And it is giggling. The word missing you has awakened after its long hibernation. However, one thing has cracked me up. Am I ready to get hurt again? Yes, I am, I guess. Nevertheless, I do not want her to cry, to get hurt just because of me. She is fragile. She is mine. It is a struggle for my heart knowing that she belongs to me, in my thoughts but not in the real world. What if she has the same feelings for me?
Is my conscious thought has taken over the direction of my life. Am I starting to numb myself again? Or I am just a selfish animal.
I guess…I am a coward and a selfish animal!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

to be me!

One late afternoon…
My niece put her school necktie on my head with the blade lining on my eye and nose.
She said, "The Mary’s Child Gold Medal goes to…"
I yelled, “Sunny De los Reyes”*
Then I continued by saying, “Thank you very much for this award, I am very pleased and honored…”
Then my niece shouted, “To be me
I took a pause and then hushed to myself, “To be me…yeah, hope so…yeah, hope so

Pleased and honored to be me…I just hope so…

*nah! Nothing…!

Why am I feeling this way?

I don't know why am i feeling this way!...It's all because of you!
me misses you A LOT...oh no! just a bit..yeah! a bit only! because...'s greatest enemy

While I was waiting for my niece to get out from her tutorial class, I saw a man going to a room, an office, beside my niece’s center. He was wearing black slacks and a perfectly ironed long sleeve polo. He was also clutching a leather pouch bag and holding an iphony, the usual office boss aura. He rang the bell on the door. No one had responded. He waited for another minute and then rang it again. His hands were already tense and his composure changed as if it was freezing. His arm muscles got tense, and then he latched on his pocket and picked out a chained set of keys. I thought he would have a difficult time unlocking the door but he did it in a split second. Then he slammed the door...

I saw this TV add last week. There's a man leaving a building. When he's on his way out going through the door, a brat girl popped out infront of his face. The gal flipped her hair and lifted her chin, made a signal through her intimidating eyes that tells the man to back off from the door.

My high school friend, a laude of a pontifical university, has told me this, “I have superiority complex” that’s why he has a thick-skinned interaction with his workmates who graduated on “low-class” school and he couldn’t believed that they were able to pierce through his workplace.

“Self-importance is man's greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one's life offended by something or someone.”--Don Juan

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my pathetic RTC recall

11:00am:got up from bed with dispersed morning glory for public exposure
12:00hn:had my meal (for breakfast and lunch)
1:00pm til 3:00pm: flipped the pages of surrender the pink
3:00-5:00: tried to doze off, but it wasn't a success
5:00-6:00: play time with my niece
6:00-7:00pm: booksale escapades
7:00-8:00pm: i had my sumptuous dinner
8:00-10:00 catching up with tv shows
10:onwards-blog hopping,chatting...
3:00am:time for my textbooks
went to bed at around...

Monday, July 21, 2008


It’s ironic that I call myself sunny but in fact, I don’t like sunny days. it’s the “rainy days” that give a beam on my face. Maybe I’m using “sunny” because of the good aura that has been coupled to it. Or maybe just to rub out the redundancy of the rains in my life. Alternatively, I just consume it like a billboard, to show off what I fancy people to spot me, sunny, the happy man. Hey! I’m not saying that rainy days aren’t as happy as sunny days. In fact, it’s further…and I always stumble on a different kind of happiness whenever it rains. Sometimes it is only a drizzle and at times it downpour or sometimes a cloudburst with thunder and lightning. Nevertheless, whatever kind of rain it is, I always love it.

What I like about the rain?

I love how it sashay the earth with favor of life
…How the rain flounce the sorrow inside of me
I love how the rain saturate drought lands and quench the plants
…How the rain fill my lull emotional fools
I love how the rain infuse the earth with rawness
…How the rain dispenses my poignant sense

It is thru the rain I recover peace

I love how it calm the earth
…How the rain pacifies my solitude
I love how the rain cut the noise thru the mellow droplets
…How the rain makes a stretch of silence

i just love rainy days....

i always think with every possibility of rain for tomorrow...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the rain..part1

It's almost 5pm when the rain started to teem on earth. “My moment” said to myself in engaging tranquil tone as if I had an image of manna falling from the sky. It poured hard and it created a fervent sound, a thumping reverberation on the tin roof and creating a rhythm, a harmony…a melody in my ears. The resonance had quivered my senses, swinging my body, lifting my spirit, and launching my heart to heaven. I made a hot coffee and I sat on the couch, listening to the air brought by the rain as it leads through my lucid imagination. Then I took a few sips of my coffee and loomed into the open door. The fresh, crispy wind had seized me, unfolding myself to my own buoyancy. And the raindrops were dancing as they touch the ground with intense joy, just like meeting up for your loved ones after long years of waiting. “It’s raining hard and I hope it doesn’t end…”I took my coffee and drank it til’ the last drop, savoring the aroma as it travels with the air. I sat down on the couch and let myself to drift into the realm of my fantasy til' d last drop of the rain...

What I like about the rain…?