Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

the king in my hometown

Isn't as Big as You Think!
puffing out

the perfect cone!!!
the raging king!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


not in a mood today...
the last day of the month...

but here's the latest stat from my reliable web counter that makes me to "hooey",lol. a newbie to this vast world of blogging.

the last ten viewers for the lasy day of the month...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The hell!!! Why did I utter those things? Mindless crap!

“I’m giving you two minutes to say something about yourself that you didn’t include in your resume”

“All right, I’m Sunny. I read psychology books and novels that tackle human eccentricity. I have just finished the book of Han Nolan about depression and the bits and pieces about dejection….”
Then I glanced on the bland wall of the room and saw a painting, a white orchid.
I continued by talking about….arts
“I value the substance of arts, may it be a painting, crafts or literary pieces. It is pleasant to know the emotions behind it. I am a movie addict too; it’s my form of relaxation…and uhm…uhm…”
Then I saw his brows rising.
Damn I messed up with my interview.
Redirect yourself sunny….
The interviewer made another fancy gesture of disappointment. He moved his lips to side as if he’s fed up with my presence. I knew that he would stop me at any point time.
But I went on with my statements.
“When it comes to work, I am very diligent. Good planning is very essential to carry on any kind of task. I can handle stress straightforwardly and being flexible is one of my good traits”
Then my mind got blocked again.

Oh, crap!

I had a difficult time convincing myself to attend that interview. I got up with a joker’s attitude of tossing a coin to dictate my destiny. The time I got on the building, I conditioned my mind to be logical, but obviously, it didn’t work.
Another failed day…

To lighten up the mood, here are some of the weird questions that I met during my job hunting escapades.
1. If you were given a chance to be a superhero, which would you be.
My answer: spidey because of his web slinger

2. What did you do last weekend?
My answer: dozing off and pigging out

3. Ask me a question.
My answer: why did you ask me that?

Job-hunting is a very tiring thing to do but sometimes it’s the funniest way to spend your idle times.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Someone knocks on my door.
“Mrs. Perez”, the mail carrier ask me
My eyes roll back and forth and I tell him that the name does not ring a bell.

“Water bill, Perez”, shouts the deliveryman of water system.
Again, it does not ring a bell.

Then the phone bills, the electrical bills, and other bills, asking for Mr. Perez

I never bother to ask who Mr. Perez is. Then time has passed nevertheless, with the same scenario, Mr. Perez unknown for me, the heck for me to ask. I live in a compound of 6-unit apartment, roughly for a year already but little information I have about our neighbors. The unit on our right is the owner of the compound; a family of Jehovah’s Witness while the one on our right is a big family of Muslims and the rest of the three other units are unknown to me. But whenever I go out of the compound, I usually see two old men hanging around at the compound’s gateway. Mr. A, as I brand him, he always has a book, magazine or anything to read on. I usually see him every afternoon sitting on the porch yard. He is pretty old with a façade of sad face. Then, Mr. B, as a call him in my mind, he has a big tummy dangling back and forth whenever he walk. I usually see him cleaning his old, gray corolla car every morning, at around eight or nine. Life goes on every day. Just a simple glance and mandatory smile to acknowledge their presence whenever my eyes come in contact with theirs.

One sunny day, the owner of the units, Granny Nag, the name speaks for her; she is lean but energetic granny who loves to plant herbal shrubbery. “Is she gonna ask for the payment, it’s not due yet” I thought. Then she utters this “Si Prof patay na”. As always, my gesture turns out to be clueless. Then she immediately adds “un me ari ng corolla”. Tight cramps on my tummy, a bolt from the blue. Granny Nag then tells the story on how the Prof dies. At the end of the tête-à-tête, I discovered that Prof, Mr. B, and Mr. Perez are just one person.

Just a thought: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.

Monday, July 28, 2008

it's all coming back...

I have a HUGE crush on her...whew! i just cant take her away from my mind,lol. The happy times we had...i missed everything about her. She's now living somewhere in the north, in the queen's Just lately i've got the chance to catch up with her "again" so damn happy...

what lieas ahead?

There’re lots of time that I questioned God about the things that have been going on around me... but I never had a time to reflect back, deeply, seriously about the purpose of the events that got tangled up messily.
2 years ago, I planned that after my college graduation, I would work my ass down for my board exam review but I failed. I was lax during my review and the payoff, goal not met, as simple as that.
3 years ago, I planned that at the age of 21, I would have a good job and a stable life, not a leech for my family. I’d pay for the rent, bills, and would be able to sustain my life’s petty extravagance of pigging out. Again, I failed.
4 years ago, I had this mushy plan, to land on a serious, fulfilling loving relationship. Gee, what a goddamn loser I am.
Now I have just realized that while you were young, you have these lingering, detailed, time-bounded plans for the future. It’s pretty normal for a youth full of vigor and hope with the dose of optimism in a challenging world and seeing himself with pride as a catalyst in the society full of turmoil and hatred, an awesome purpose in life. However, unavoidable things may happen anytime, at any point of your life, things that might bring a life changing twist or an immediate change of heart. This might bring bitterness or/and frustrations for what world and life you had put in your mind earlier in your life. Nevertheless, this is life, full of uncertainties and surprises. You can’t undo things and the heck to visualize the future. The only thing that you can do is to react positively and think of a purpose or better yet ask the one who made you.
So years from now, I don’t know what look, life or things that I might have but one thing is certain, happiness. I still believe in happy endings.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


i celebrated the mass, yeah that's the right term "celebrate"...but i didnt understand the homily, maybe it's due to the busted speakers or i was just languid.
so "celebrate" isnt the right term, i just went to the chrurch! shoot!


its 2am and its raining.