Thursday, June 12, 2008

hike...for a cause...

While i was clearing out some mess on my computer's memory, i found this picture, taken on a Polaroid camera,lol. This pic looks so old but whoaaaa who's the man in green shirt? he's cute,lol...This was taken after a violent typhoon. My friends and I had a simple relief operation; we donated some goodies and other produce to the affected families living on top of the weathered-beaten mountain. Look at the background, the ridge of the mountain was craggy and the water running through the river was chocolate-colored because of the eroded soil. It was a tiring day but fun-filled…
hey! filthy man!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

perfect play

It was a usual boring day killing time on the couch, a time lag for the forty winks of a slothful hog with his 5-year old niece who was busy playing on her dollhouse. It was just the two us since her dad was out for the market and her yaya on her day off. My niece was frequently asking me to play with her but I always gave her my lame excuses, “ohhh my head’s aching….blah blah” then she would just hang about on the corner with her dolls. Then while I was on my daydream express, she asked for a permission to play “pool party” and because I was really cracked with my chilling out imaginations, I just said, “Go on”. Sheesh, pool party means to play with water. In a minute, I heard her unnerving scream “boy boy boy,helppppppp” in sync with the loud gushing sound of water. My niece was running fast towards me while I stood up in stunned looking at the great projectile force of the water. The faucet (made from plastic) was broken down and the water was roughly coming out of the pipe. In a moment or two, the whole floor was heavily flooded. I tried to seal out the pipe with my palms but the force was brutal, even with the help of a mat, it did not work. While I was digging up my wits to halt the violent flow, I instructed my niece to call for help. She was panicking with her tensed body and pacing movements but she was able to dash out of the house to call for help. She was shouting out loud “Eric, Ericcc,help, help,hellllpp” like a cat on a hot tin roof. Eric (our neighbor) with his mum and wife instantly responded to my niece’s anxious call for help. Eric hasty unplugged and turned off all the electrical connections placed on the floor and I asked him to turn off the water control (located outside the compound’s gate).Thanks goodie there was a reinforcement. It was an adrenalin rush for my 5-year old niece and I was really laughing aloud after the water was stop because I was amazed how my niece responded to the situation. Then, my niece and I found the perfect play, cleaning the whole floorboards. Perfect bonding moments…

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lyrics | You First Believed lyrics

Thank you for sharing with me this very beautiful song. It touches my you!

LOVE "OR"...what?

I am still trying to figure out what is happening to me
Moreover, I am a tad anGRRrrry!
For the feelings that I can’t Spelle out correctly
For the tempo that s l o o o w w s s s my gist
For the Cnofnusoin contained by me
For the speech________________less occasion
For my stutstuttering and uhm uhm stam...stame…mering
That I cannot finish anthin…
The Silence
What does it mean?
However, I suppose I am F
l l
My wards-back thoughts, shallying-shilly, and valence-ambi
My mood swing
My UPS and
My pose that _opens_ and (closes) all the guarantees
But I want this fervid affection to grOW
By grasping no matter which about you
The BIG and the BOLD
The small and the timid
The simple and the BiZaRrE
The Black,White, and Gray…
The ? is…
Do I need to keepittight?
I need to S_P_A_C_E it out
To comprehend all these things and to understand
This crazy feeling of cryptograph
Is it 143 = U and M.E?
Is it “LOVE OR…what?