Friday, March 27, 2009

work your a** off

quickie lang...

TGIF! Whew! Busyness in life! After a long tiring week, it’s now Friday to regain my pooped body and frame of mind. I missed blogging a lot!!! I’ve been out for roughly TWO weeks, geez! I missed you guys! And though I got tons of homicidal and senseless chronicles to tell, my frigging body’s drained of oomph! Oh Noh! My work is dragging me off but “grins” there’s a good payoff aside from the last monetary remuneration, heh heh! Last weekend, I had my shopaholic experience at Greenhills and Rob Gale. I bought goodies for my nephews and niece; I couldn’t believe that I can now afford to buy them mobile phone, clothes, and etcetera…etcetera! Aha ha ha… a change of fate - from slum dog to a delusional middle class, ambitious chauvinist. And guess what, I had found simple keepsakes for my “dearly” “beloved” sissies at blogospheres - it’s a secret, shhhhh! Anyhow, here’s my thought for today. My frigging work, nah…my tiring yet pleasurable work – jerking KIDDING! From Marx’s points of view of work and human relations and through my economic professor’s golden words that life is different from work and vice versa work should not define your life, my stand about the definition of the worth of my work is embedded from the short talk I had with my tatay in one cold afternoon (years ago) while he was crankly drunk as he said, “you must find happiness at work”. That’s simple and skimpy yet it speaks for the truth, very snappy! So now, though I’m frigging tired I still go to work because I find happiness on it not just because I needed to work! Whew! Whatever Sunny! Hahahaha!

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