Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

The tale of the chili cup noodles

The tale of the chili cup noodles

Okay, I bet you’ve all heard the classic spine-chilling stories at the hospitals; the poltergeist hiding underneath the bed, the uncanny white lady going to the elevator, the walking cadaver, and all the other goose-bumps sounds and mirror-mirror mysteries. But I bet the tale of the chili cup noodles is outlandish in all the thriller title stories you’ve heard. So behold, and hold on to your seats for I’m about to reveal the most mysterious story of all times, so far.

This is my personal experience that happened just few days ago.

“Noel, the pulse rate is declining, a steady brady”
“Check the BP Sunny”
“It’s palpatory 60 Noel”
“It’s a code, the ROD Tofer”
“The e-cart, get the e-cart”
“Place the cardiac board, and start ambubagging”
‘”Pump Sunny, pump”…

Ten vials of epinephrine were used plus a premix double dose of dopamine and an additional dose of dobutamine. After three attempts to revive the client, unfortunately his system declined and death was pronounced by the resident on duty subsequent to the three hours of exhausting resuscitation.

Long lead ECG was done and you know what, there was still a visible tracing, very evident electrical impulses in the heart of our client. What would you feel about it?

Isn’t spooky? What would you do?
Eerie, right?

to be continued...
sleep muna!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

blank stare

Last night
...I caught myself staring blankly at the wall while sitting on the wooden musky stairs with a coffee tumbler at hand. After a while, tear drops formed at the corner of eyes and slowly streamed down nto my face. And then I felt that the universe was against my plans, and my life has starting to wear down..."my life is pointless, and I am always left behind, in the limelight of my friends". My body slumped as I sulked down at the dark corner with the deep-seated feelings of angst...My voice would want to escape from my dry throat and weeping hiccups. Id want to cry out loud just like a kiddo who fell from a 20-flight of stairs with broken elbow and bleeding forehead...Urhgggs!

Alright!!! Oh well, it's dead of the night wherein boredom dominates and kills so u oughtta do something else. It's a time for blog-hopping and porn-watching and also a time wherein masturbation has no longer an effect so u betta do something else. Therefore, I just tried to organize my emo thoughts in such a way that I accommodate the least amount of sense necessary - if there is. The emo bombi is over, and the regression to childhood has already ceased. Enough with the self-pity, the wishful thinking, and the after shock of putting in to mind the happiness of simplicity. My gray matter is just filthy that it needs to be washed off from time to time, at times like this, to sort out the messy thoughts to bring back to equilibrium. There are just too much slogans to follow and exclamation points to consider...

Oh jeez, I'm confused, sorry for spending time reading this crappy post... LOL gotcha ya!

But, have you ever felt this way too? Uhm, bet you did, if not you’re a fuckin' green-blooded alien. Ciao! I’ve gotta be going!

Monday, September 7, 2009

5-star LOL MOVIE

schadenfreude the crispy garnish that tastes just like its name

Whew! This movie just made my day.

It's easier to make people cry than to make them cry out of laughter. Dramatic movies can easily trigger the in-depth emotional burdens of a man. On the other hand, comedy movies emphasize humor, but it's pretty hard to set off mirth because of the effin' problems and yoke embedded in man's emotional state. Thereforae, it takes a lot of guts and genuine style for a comedy movie to hit a wave. But on the lighter side, Filipinos are considered as one of the happiest people on earth so despite the turmoil, we still able to laugh out loud, even just in movies.

So talking about movies, Kimmy Dora (kambal sa kiyime), just made my day. It’s been a long time that I’ve been longing to have a long laugh with giggles and Eugene Domingo made this to happen. She plays a double role of twins Kimmy and Dora, which are the extreme of each other. Kimmy as the domineering, pride-flaunting, workaholic, but loveless animal, while Dora as dumb (nah, just slow), retarded (nah, just late bloomer) loser, but has the love that Kimmy dreamed of.

Imma not tell the whole plot, just watch the movie for you to experience the laughter that I’ve been asking for. KUDOS for Eugene!