Thursday, July 14, 2011

the incubator

An unknowing chick went inside an incubator to get a little comfort of heat and to strengthen his growing body. In a short time a hefty cock moved in to the incubator as well. The unknowing chick was pleased with the warmth of the place, wrapping himself only with a piece of supple fluffs. On the other hand, the hefty cock was a bit devious with his piercing eyes and sturdy guise. The unknowing chick remained unknowing, settling down with the hazy moisture inside the incubator until he noticed the uninviting moves of the hefty cock. The hefty cock was a little ill at ease. It started to outspread his useless wings, showing some parts of his hairless body and a spot of the bush. The piercing eyes gradually turned into a jester’s glowing goggles and a slight wrinkle appeared on the left cheek. The unknowing chick paid no attention at all. However, he became apprehensive, the pounding of his heart accelerated together with his increasing breaths. His thought was telling him to move out but was also considering that the hefty cock would settle down. The unknowing chick managed to stay calm and he turned on the poker-face. But the hefty cock became more irritable. The hefty cock made a big, silly smile and intensified his initial act with a little performance using his tough quill. He swayed his robust body with unfolded wings arrogantly as he tried to loom the unknowing presence of the unknowing chick. The hefty cock was unstoppable with his strong passion; he didn’t stop until he noticed that the unknowing chick stood up from his seat. The rage of the hefty cock was suddenly ended. And silence was broken with the thundering beats of the heart. The unknowing chick silently prepared himself to leave. But in a split second the hefty cock rapidly glided in front of the unknowing chick and muscularly grabbed his peach.

The hefty cock left the incubator with a claw covered with stain of condemned glory. And the unknowing chick went out in an outraged, but...