Saturday, November 15, 2008



I love everything about photography. I love how I capture the world the way I look at it and how a incorporate my creativity and passion in life. There’s a different world behind the lenses, and it’s amazing if you capture it perfectly. I am a solitary photographer, I travel alone, it’s just me and my camera and of course my timer. I am inclined in landscape photography and as much as I ever wanted to capture the panoramic view, I’d also love to include myself in the frame. But left with my own devices only, a lot of fuss is usually made. The perspective is usually wrong, the lighting is frequently blurry, and the hassle of running after you set your camera to project a perfect pose and then you’d find out after the flash that you got the wrong angle. Or the usually setting for group picture that you need to extend your arms as far as possible to fit everyone on the frame. It’s really a hassle. Finally, there’s now XShot. XShot is the essential travel accessory, a telescopic arm that could hold the camera and be extended to take a full picture of the subjects and the background, with the 37 inches of reach it provides. This is really awesome. With XShot, every photograph is truly magnificent, no more close-up mug shots. Pictures will truly mystify you and you’ll definitely draw into the world of photography, big smile for XShot.

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Friday, November 14, 2008


Marites thank you for this tag -

"The Smile Stone Award "

. An award for bloggers who show kindness and spreading happiness around. Here’re my 10 reasons:

Here are my top 10 little reasons for showing off my sunray smile today:
1. The sky poured out an early drizzle blessing that made my morning cup of coffee more enjoyable
2. I had a great conversation with a friend last night, my Cinderella who lingered up to my sleep and made a morning smile on my face.
3. I was able to get in touch with my family today.
4. A sumptuous meal during lunch - bicol express and tapa
5. I watched the two episodes of sponge bob
6. The blogsphere; my blog friends who dropped comments on my site, my friends’ recent posts, and my blog hopping activity
7. I am really smiling right now because I still have a day to enjoy
8. I am really smiling right now because I have lots of friends and I have a wonderful family
9. I am really smiling right now because I’m starting to become smart in life
10. And I am really smiling right now because I know that I am loved.

I'm tossing this:(drums rolling)
1. Rose
2. Joops
3. Faye
4. Lou
5. OR
6. Kosa
7. Amor
8. spiky
9. DH
10. Ivana
11. Zeb
12. Ezekiel
13. Rip
14. Septian

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you buySAFE

How many days left before Christmas? Roughly 40days…The breeze is getting colder and the streets are now lighted with merry, twinkling lights of red, green, blue, and orange. And the tots are now starting to write down their wish lists to Santa. “Dear Santa, I want to have a golden blue Royal Castle, a bowling play set with pony designs, and a new set of wardrobes with touch of green and yellow. P.S. don’t forget my strawberry shortcake and Christmas candies.” And for the “Santa” who’s very busy at work, going out the market is quite a big deal. The trendiest and easiest way to shop is no other than online shopping. Just with the click, click, and a little browsing, Viola, the problem is solved. But the worry of Santa is if online shopping is safe? You know, Santa’s identity should be protected and the safety of Santa’s account numbers and transactions against the filthy Grinch. No worry Santa, buySAFE is here, the real solution to keep your wrinkles away with the uncertainties of reliability and trustworthiness in online shopping. buySAFE gives the valued consumers a unstressed online shopping because they have the unique bonding solution that inspects online merchants and they also financially protects the consumer’s online purchase with a performance guarantee and identity theft protection. This offer is the best gift for Santa to spend the holiday in “ho ho ho, Merry Christmas” and with the bells ringing “worry-free, worry-free, worries go away”.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The web is your domain

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wish me luck...

Wish me luck…
Yesterday I went to Makati to submit my resume at UN (not the avenue, the organization) office. My filthy bag was checked by the guards upon entering the building and I was instructed to register at the lobby to get my ID pass which has the bar code for the UN office doors. After filling out some information on the registration sheet, the receptionist immediately made a call to the UN office saying that I was coming. It’s on the 30th floor. The pressure was tingling on my ears as looked at the buttons of the elevator. And then the door opened up and I saw two security guards standing perpendicular to the mirror-like floor. There were two gateways for entrance and one for exit –both have scanner, and an ergonomic conveyor X-ray scanner for the luggage. It felt that I was going to an airport with their high security system. The guards asked about the intent for coming and with my purpose, the guard escorted me to the door. I placed my ID on the bar code reader and the door opened up. The office was very tidy and quiet with pictures and paintings of children nailed on the plain, white wall. I walked absently to the left wing of the office wherein there’s a glass window. There were few people present on the office; three – the number of persons I saw. I hushed against the circle hub of the glass window and a friendly-looking 30-something lady responded to me. I told her that I am volunteering to any sub-organization of UN. She told me about the UNICEF, UNAIDS, and FAO. After a short talk, I handled over my resume to her and I bid goodbye with great hope ushering on my heart.
Wish me luck…
I am really excited to work or to volunteer under the UN organization, it’s actually a dream. Volunteer work reminds me of my college life experiences as a Social Science researcher. It was on my freshman year that I decided to work in exchange for a scholarship endowment. The experience was really remarkable plus the additional allowance on every on-filed research, he he he. My most memorable experience was when I had a research about the landfills and trash scavengers. I had a mini-voice recorder,a pen and paper in my data gathering for a week direct exposure. The contact was under the crisp of sunshine and foul-smelling atmosphere; corresponding on top of a 5-foot landfill. The experience was really life-changing and it definitely gave a new purpose in my life, that’s why I went to UN yesterday to actualize a part of that purpose.
Wish me luck…

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