Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love you because you always make me feel safe and loved
I love you because you know how to make me smile and how to handle my crankiness
I love you because you always have a lullaby to send me to sleep
I love you because your sweet voice always wakes me up
I love you for telling me that I’m not yet late for work and for always giving me a "time check" to ease off my tension
I love you for buying me vitamins and reminding me to take those
I love you for always being relax no matter how my phone bills go beyond the limit
I love you for bringing my presence to your family
I love you for your sweet and spicy adobo
I love you for the comfort of your hugs
I love you because of your sincere kisses and cute smooch
I love your big smile                                                                                                                          
I love you for always complimenting my style
I love you for the silent prayers you’re sending to God
I love you for the reassurance that my life will work out well
I love you for creating dreams with me
I love you for sharing your life with me
I love your humor
I love you in a million ways
I love you just the way you are