Sunday, April 22, 2012

someday you'll know...

Faraway I used to whimper over heartaches. Simple misunderstandings had caused me restless nights and long written apologies. And the “i-miss-you” made me to take trips in the middle of the night. Goodbye was unknown before, but now it’s the only way to live life

It’s just memories…

That I placed at hindmost part of my storage room. I consider that life event as a distant past. There were times that it came out aversely, but an obsessive-compulsive soul was always there to meticulously sweep the floor and box that dirt at the furthest back of the room. There’s a pre-set full denial that always run-in whenever an element of inappropriateness trickles. It’s like a Freudian dream censor. 

To eat a humble pie is not enough for your two years of your waiting. I know it’s perplexing for you on how the wind changes it course so hasty. There were also questions in my mind, but I let fly along the gush of blustery weather. I said my last words with encouragement for a sunny day for both of us. No more what-ifs, no more once more. It’s over.

When two people fall in love it doesn’t mean they are meant for each other.