Thursday, February 26, 2009


quickie post before my lovely forty winks!

Sometimes love starts from the sultry eyes and gestures like a finger comb on the hair unknowingly or a vacant stare at the wall while listening to the hushes and giggles of the possible love affair. Yep. Just another quickie outburst of thoughts, what if someone tells you that she/he loves you? I guess when a girl hears it from a man, it won’t really matter, ya’ know girls will definitely love it, to glorify their beauty and sense of magnetism. But what if a woman tells it to a man? Woot? Of course it will surely hit the hub and melts everything away. It’s nice, right? It’s nice to be loved! But my real question now is what if the man doesn’t really like the woman? Woot? I don’t know! But ya know how it feels? It feels like that there’s a Shotgun right beside your temple waiting to fire up the deadly bullet when you say NO. Get my point?

Just a tidbit, just this morning! Nah! I won’t tell it! But you really wanna know the story? Gimme a kiss first,lol! Ya know it starts with the flirting then it will positively end up to the three lovely (yet deadly) words. So are you gonna entertain the signs? It’s up to you! But the heck the Shotgun feeling is bloodcurdling.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Shhhh (i'm shouting)...

Time Lag! My frigging gray matter isn’t working at the moment. There are lots of ideas jumping across the networks of my aging axons and dendrites but they’re all fragmented. I got no complete and concrete topic to thrash out, oh gee! Have u felt this way too? Bet you all do cause our brains are not made from metal conductors. So I guess I’ll jus shut up my potty mouth!

“Silencio mi amigo” “grins grins

Alright, here’s the simple thought that came in to my cerebral processing unit while I was riding on the train home. Faces, the diverse blank faces riding on the train, oh it’s nice to observe these assorted flavory faces and operate as if you’re a clairvoyant uncovering their personalities. But by being keen to the non-verbal cues of communication, you might be able to know at least a speck of truth to someone’s personality. Agree? You oughtta coz’ it’s true “grins, grins”. Ahahahaha, what I talking about, lol. Okay, am gonna shoot it now, just a whisper pal, listen “OMHIGOD, I just can’t believe it!!! I was able to shut up my mouth for roughly two weeks, what a great achievement for a talkative monkey like me. Yep, I was able to maintain a non-personal relationship with my colleagues while the inquiring minds of some of my squad bitches fella were brimming over the reserved line. My only point here is sometimes when you try to zip your mouth the more you become conversational. Get my point? The irony of silence -the more you become silent, the more you become loud. So I guess that’s how silence talks. Alright I’ve gotta be sleeping by now!

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