Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nagpipilit mgPOst..wala mgawa, wala n rin maisip,lol

The shaving foam monster!!! (another self pictorial)
Good morning!
Here is one lad named sunny
He puts on the shaving foam on his face
and grabs the shaver on the sink
He plays with the razor
and cuts his face
He washes his face thoroughly
and dries up every single drop of blood
Good night sunny!
Sunny's dead!

NONSENSE! waaaaaaah! lol! i lost my sanity!

Im a filthy-happy man: draft din (as always)

HAPPiness trala-la-la-la

The music goes on
I have to move along
The sun shines and the moon illuminates
Day passes and still I have none at all
The rain waters the soil
My brain drains all reasons

My life’s overcast
And yet I don’t search for light
I dwell on and stay for a another night
But then further, another comes again

What makes me happy is unknown
But the reasons for my tears are at hand
Dire has won the battle
Noble has forgotten

Sobbing night gratifies
Yet the tears are in pouring grave
Does my heart smiles for gloom?
Or it just palliates the bareness inside?

I wander
I ask
I try hard to understand
But the only thing I need is to calm down
To listen
To feel

Then it starts to glow
Lightens up the lonely sights
Happiness is inside of me
I just need to realize
To sense that I live not to hunt
But to live through on it…

Slow down and enjoy life...
Nothing is wasted in a happy man...

Friday, May 16, 2008

union with the ultimate: draft.

"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare"

There was a time during my college days wherein i was really frantic about the school jam..My classmates had noticed me that i look filthy with my unkempt hair, puffy eye bags, and with my unorganized things. Stressed! Stressed! Stressed! Then one of my classmates pulled me back and took me to the cavern like spot on our school. "Hey, want to straighten your messy life"? She asked. I was in full amazement with her question and i took a moment to think through if my life was indeed so bad. She also paused for a moment as if she was waiting for the right timing (until my delirious face was turned back to normal) and then she started to disclose her little secrets about "happy life". I couldn't believe that someone like her was talking to me about "happiness and peace" blah blah for i had the prejudice thought about her - "weird and filthy". But she's persuasive, i was convinced to attend a yoga class with her.

It was a mid afternoon under the shady tress and grassy purview near the soccer field and the bunch freakazoids were sitting on the ground in a circular manner. There was one person playing a mini drum with goatskin cover and another person was holding a maracas-like instrument.The headmaster of the group invited me to sit beside him. He had a serene face and he talked in a calm manner. He commenced the activity by a short lectures about yoga and its principles and after that we started the sanskrit chant in air with drums and maracas for a humble entreaty.

"Yoga: union with the ultimate. The purpose of yoga is to lead to a silence of the mind. This silence is the prerequisite for the mind to be able to accurately reflect objective reality without its own subjective distortions. Yoga does not create this reality, which is above the mind, but only prepares the mind to apprehend it, by assisting in the transformation of the mind – from an ordinary mind full of noise, like a whole army of frenzied and drunken monkeys – to a still mind."

The first time gathering was followed by another and another...and I was able to recite the lengthy superfluous chant on the Buddha beads. I succeeded in absorbing all the external forces around me and in detaching myself to the world. Until one day...
Someone knocked aT my door and gave me a test about faith...

Because of the conflict in faith, i slowly withdrew myself from the group and started all over again. But Yoga has thought me a lot of lesson. It's not only about the relaxation and comfort that you can gain but the technique of having a peace of mind that really matters. So at times that i feel so bad bad bad, i take a moment and practice yoga.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

filthy errands...

Threadless tee? lol. Yeah it looks like it came from the Chicago fad, the nude no more stuff of threadless tee gangbusters but wait...i found this tee scattering on sale...with pure cotton material plus the white comfy color, it fits every season, every walk on the filthy ground. So I bought few tees with cool and funny designs and logos.

I bought the "fly tee" for only 140 pesos and the "Bang Me" tee for only 74 pesos. Wow bargain-basement prices!!!

avail: artwork and sm dept.
I hate this feeling that I live each day without a heck of a purpose. I just go with the sun and moon as they traverse the universe routinely…

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

take a filthy sip...frappacappadoodahs

Quench your thirst by this delicious treat! my very own frappe!!! It will definitely "wow" your palate in the goodness of this easy-to-do coffee delight. Back off starbucks! lol. Brew a medium shot espresso or you may use the 3in1 coffee mix sachet, put in a blender together with the choco syrup like the hershy choco and a bit of sugar. You may use vanilla ice cream instead of choco syrup or caramel blend. Then blend it, if your blender has a frappe button the better...You may also do it manually by a shaker glass. Lastly, use your crazy imagination to add stuff on it, in my case i used maltesers. That's it! Addiction follows...

ur sweet gudbyes: just another emo..draft again

Last night my heart was born once again – a strange emotion had transpired and it was unexplainable beyond any word to begin. It was like my heart was melting down until the wicks of my veins were burnt into ashes. The feeling was ephemeral just like the smile on your face that flashed in my thought in split of my heart’s beat…but in a something else. It seemed that everything had changed just like the rivulets that turned into a drought piece of land and my feeling was bursting just like the volcano that released its dormant tension after a decade of reining in. Your “sweet hellos” that gave me air for a jiffy but then it suddenly turned out to be the poison that torn down my heart and hopes. It was the strangest message that you uttered with pure delights of milk and honey but then it was meant to starve me to death.
And also last night my heart was buried six feet under the ground…

Dinner in the sky!!!

THIS IS AWESOME! To have a dinner in the sky is totally cool, new and terrific! What's the feeling at the height of 50 feet higher than the ground with the round table full of delicious delights rounding and swirling in the sky? Awesome!

sorry altophobics this one-of-a-kind invention isnt made for you!!!

for full story visit:

make your tummy busy...draft lang

The basic things to start the engine: Bread or any carbs and the main course of the banquet: a pot of coffee or tea (freshly brewed is a must). On the side dish: we have chocolates, ice cream(seldom,lol),peanuts or boy bawang will do, and fruit selections.
With this sumptuous goddies, studying til' the sun shines on my room is irrefutable.
This is my "survival kit" number 2: feed your filthy flagitiousness.

My body needs these things to run my filthy brain. The ritual had started when i was still in elementary grade. As far as i remember, i needed to wait til' the clock strikes at 10pm before i could browse my notes. I couldn't hardy remember why i was doing that kind of crap. Then when i reached high school my body clock system had changed. Early morning was the new tutelage time. Again i don't know the reason,lol, maybe for some hormonal changes or just a form of procrastination,lol. College years were the toughest steps. The coffee addiction had arrived and it was complemented by the aroma of cigarette's smokes but then i easily got dozed-off. I thought of other things to keep me awake all night to finish all the crams at school. After a few experimenting, i was able to discern the important formula to run the engine longer,"food" will fight off the dozing calls. So now, its not only coffee that keeps me alive but with goddie foods too,lol.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my maltesers and my profession...draft!!!

I always find time to take a peak on my book each day to polish my rusty gray matter. Last night while i was trying my best to concentrate on Pregnancy cycle, the thought about my life's future as a nurse has occurred in my wandering thoughts. I was in grave shock thinking about my exhausting profession. I thought of life with a stretched schedule for work and work and still for work with petty off and compensation. Six days in a row, 8 standing hours in a day, and a wrecked body. That would be my future life and with just thinking of that, i got tired to death already. Then as i was automatically reaching my hands to the saucer of maltesers for another "pop-in interval", I noticed that it was already empty. Waaaaaah! My maltesers were all gone. I didn't notice that I crunched up all the goodies. So i just i took a sip on my hot forest fruits tea to satisfy even a bit my insatiable appetite. Then after another emo moments, I've realized that my future job has no difference with a bucket of chocolates. I believe that in due time, ill get used to that job eventually without noticing the turnovers of tiring days and nights. Yes that would be...and same with my maltesers there would always be a sweetness in my palate that would remind me how lucky I am to be in this tiring but truly satisfying profession. The work may worn me out but the passion would repair every single tiredness. The passion that made me through the four years of nursing college and duty experience...those experiences that thought me lessons in life that satisfied even a bit of my insatiable dreams.

Now I am looking forward to actualize myself as a full-pledged Angel of a sick room...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Do MOnkeys Pay for Sex?

while i was browsing the time mag site, 1 article on the HOT SPOT list has caught my eyes,whoaaa! i immediately clicked on the title..."Do MOnkeys Pay for sex?" jeez that's very interesting, pay for service...then i've realized that Prostitution is indeed the oldest profession,the most primitive, before the dawn of human civilization,lol...and maybe my last resort in case i run out of penny,lol...

for full article visit:,8599,1700821,00.html

darn eMoes...

after browsing some blogs, i felt that mine is awfully humiliating. I am so damn pathetic with my posts here. I've realized that i am getting too much dose of darn emos. I hate it! lol. My blogsite sucks...from my poignant playlists up2 my insolent thoughts and articles. Whatta shame!
but im so damn pathetic...i just can't stop it!

some filthy reasons why i hate my blog:
1. wht's with indiana jones?
2. where are the next part of the posts with part1 title?
3. recipe post: disgusting
4. the desktop will i turnOff the clicking sound there?
5. the emo posts

Recipe 101

banana split: ingredients- banana, choco wafer stick, whip cream, honey, peanut butter, peanut crumbles, chocolate toppings. Quickie steps: make a split on the banana and stuff the peanut crumbles and choco toppings on it. Then polish it with peanut butter. Put the whip cream together with the honey and finally sprinkle the choco toppings on. Then place the choco wafer stick on each side of the banana. Chill and then serve. yum!

Virtual emo: part 1

What makes a friend… a friend?
I have been on the chat zone for a pretty long time and I met different faces of the world. At the outset I was the typical newbie, weighing down the circumstances and making a good facade for everyone, for the sake of the “sense of belongingness”. Nursing drills/question and answer was the gateway in reaching the hands of others and I was lucky enough to meet the goodies of that chat room. But in a twist of fate, I found myself in the middle of curses, pranks, and throwing of hot potatoes. It was a mixed emotions being on the spotlight of disgrace and foul popularity. But I needed to stay “kalma” instead of exchanging blows with the shitty; I stayed calm and acted as if I was enjoying the glare of publicity. The days went on like that, it’s pretty tiring but at some points I was relieved that I spent my day not in the solitude of the four corners of my room. The moon and the stars had enveloped each night of the nasty piece of work at the chat room and I didn’t notice that the villains were becoming my allies in the pursuit of mere gibberish. Many nights had passed and I made out the commonalities between us. The common thing that pulled us together…