Friday, June 5, 2009

quickie lang po...

Funky Friday…

Gee-whiz! It’s not TGIF coz’ I still got a work till’ weekends but I am happy today, don’t why, uhm maybe because the rain has teemed the earth once again. So please don’t stop the rain, oh oh oh..
“Kung ang ulan ay katas ng mga prutas O kay sarap ng ulan Ako'y lalabas ng ako'y makasagap Aaaaaaaaah O kay sarap ng ulan...”
Whew! I’m being too nostalgic when it rains but there’s always a dose of happiness that comes with it – perhaps the pied emotions that make me feel more human. I just love the rain, Sunny loves the rain, it’s pretty ironic, hahahaha!

My random thoughts for today:

1. I don’t know what’s happening to our country - the news about politics, sex scandals, crimes and likes are overwhelming and I’m getting fed-up.
2. I’d love to have a cup of coffee or tea with someone while enjoying the chill of rainy days
3. Oh why oh why, I think I’m left behind, my friends are soon to disappear from the grounds of Lupang Hinirang. But "the race is long, in the end it’s only with yourself", so chill out Sunny.
4. I missed my blogger chums. Amore I hope that I was there to comfort you buddy. OR, I’m very happy with your artsy works, my BIG warm congratulations. Green with envy with the works of DH (finally I was able to hop at your site) and OR. I’d love to paint too but I think the neurons on the right hemisphere of my gray matter were already damaged, or maybe “that which does not grow dies”. Anyhow, at least my appreciation for arts has never been lost.
5. Many thanks for my online friends (just check my blog list) for still hopping at my page.
6. Yippee! Tonight I’ll be done with Harper Lee’s work; finally I was able to slot it in with my sked.
7. To finish, "we can wish for a Sunny weather but it won’t stop the rain". Bye for now, my “10mins” is done! Imma blog hop by tomorrow.

Hugs and Kisses!