Sunday, March 8, 2009

just a touch

It’s roughly twelve midnight, the air is cold yet the feeling is restful. Sitting in one of the steps of the stairway outside a food chain store in front of a busy road is one good diversion. It’s killing time. It’s also a waiting time, waiting for the possibilities to happen by watching the buses passing by laden with people in blank faces and “conductors” yelling and waving to draw persons along for the ride and by gazing to the people walking by busily, gaining steps ahead of others. It’s apparently a busy space on earth in the dead of the night. The lightened billboards of dazzling celebrities and models, the perfectly halved moon that looks like smiley grinning at me and the vibrant “tiangge” products – undies in multi-colored and multi-styled, home decors, phony watches, pirated DVDs, and a lot more commodities that serve as interludes for the busy scene, an instant eye strain remedy. This is a perfect setting to wonder about and to introspect about life. What am I thinking right now? Nothing much, I am just waiting for possibilities to happen. The possibility that one of the bus commuters would get off and sit beside me, the possibility that one person walking by would stop and say hi to me and then have a worth conversation, all the pathetic possibilities to come about. A possibility that someone would say “would you mind if I told I loved tonight? Or “wanna get laid with me?” ,oh noh, that’s too much of a good fortune, I’m considering it though, hah hah hah. Let’s get back into the drama. I’m talking about possibilities, the possibility of meeting someone and then to get in touch for a while by talking the commonalities, extremes or just anything or perhaps just a wordless companionship and then bye-bye, something like that. Okay! I know what you’re thinking right now. It’s kinda’ pathetic, right? Sometimes I do think of paying a professional freak to talk to me, or to listen to me instead but the heck that isn’t the way of life at the slums and primarily I’m broke for the professional fee, heh hehe, it just came into my wilderness thoughts. And sheesh, don’t ever think that I ain’t got friends coz I got few, this possibility is just a mere human need of interaction with no strings attached. This possibility that I am talking is part of my natural heart’s desire of friendship but with no extra connection. No extra connection - a friendship in a moment, a meeting up just to break the monotony of existence or just to get in touch with another flavor in life. Besides people use other people according to their own needs, so I guess this possibility is POSSIBLE.
So I’m gonna keep waiting for this possibility to happen, maybe next week, tomorrow or maybe NOW.

Wait, it’s already two o’clock in the morning! I’ve gotta be going! Heh heh!

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