Saturday, November 29, 2008


A week filled with wanderlust. A joyride lived through a first-class accommodation. My travel adventure last week was an opportunity of learning, a new realm of quest, a dream fulfilled.

My itinerary started on


I just took a train to come into a remote Indian village. Along the way, I met different persons and I visited different sacred temples wherein I offered some prayers and performed some Indian rituals. I also visited an Indian market filled with spices, colorful fabrics, and some unusual animals, which are usual to them, like the snakes caged in glass-sided tank. I was able to witness a funeral too, a Hindu funeral with the symbolic sanctity of the Cow. And I also learned that lime juice is popular in India especially in welcoming their guest. The Indian culture is very rich and unique.

My next sightsee took on the fairy-tale place of

Brudges, Belgium

I had a back-to-the-future feeling, a travel to the medieval Europe. The whole place was foggy and cold yet it’s filled with hotspots, the historical landmarks. I visited Burg Square, Brudges romantic canals and of course The Basilica of the Holy Blood (Heilig-Bloedbasiliek) that shelters the relic of the Holy Blood, which was brought to the city during the First Crusade. Brudges is very lovely.

My wanderlust reminds me of the beautiful poem of Emily Dickenson, There Is No Frigate like a Book (my second favorite, next to I’m nobody! Who are you?).

There Is No Frigate like a Book
There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away,
nor any coursers like a page
Of prancing poetry.
This traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of toll;
How frugal is the chariot
That bears a human soul!

Whoa, fellas. It’s too good to be true. Wanderlust to India and Belgium, whew! I just watched two great movies in one night - The Darjeeling Limited and In Brudges.

There is no Frigate like a movie marathon to take us lands away...

Watching these two fantastic movies is like a real journey to India and Belgium. The Darjeeling Limited was set in India while In Brudges, obviously set in Brudges, Belgium. Aside from wanderlust, these movies offer more than the trip of travelers aficionados, the substance and lesson are overflowing, intelligently crafted films.

The Darjeeling Limited

is about the spiritual quest of three brothers who have not encountered each other in a year after the funeral of their father. The movie has a comical surface, the tone and visuals of humor. But digging out the substance, it’s filled with lessons laid down in the metaphors and striking lines. In the end, you could easily relate to it because it talks about the general issue of journey in life. One good line from the movie – “thank you for using me”. One good scene – when the brothers are late for their train and in order to catch it they drop their treasured and personalized luggage and hop onto it while the have the chance. “They have finally learnt to 'Leave the baggage behind (forget the past) and seize an opportunity (make the most of the future)'.”

In Brudges

is a great movie too, Colin Farrell is different in this movie. It’s a movie about the two hit men set in beautiful place of Belgium. It was night before Christmas when their big boss from London made an order to kill someone, which made a great twist to the movie. It’s funny with the comic dialogue, full of surprising emotions, and the characters are pretty unconventional. The thing that caught me with this movie was their line “Shoot first, Sightsee later”

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Friday, November 28, 2008

a slap

I had a catch up convo at nursing chat room last night. The environment was unrestricted, what do you expect from a public domain? The conversation’s more often than not goofing around and the shaggy dog story. It’s habitually initiated with the ritualistic hi-hello but then last night it progressed to a not-so-good segment …
Miss: oh sunny
Sunny: oh miss, holla Jean Doe
Miss: yep
Sunny: Jean Doe the “Maharot”, lol
Miss: you’re harassing me, nuisance
Sunny: huh?

a slap

Let’s define the term “maharot”. I “goggled” (slang term if you used the google’s search engine) about it and obviously there’s no exact definition of that word, it’s just my idiot feat. So basically “mararot” is a slang pinoy term for a flirtatious act. This isn’t only used for women but also for men. This word was also exploited as an album title of a pinoy rock band. Based from the context on how I used “maharot” in our yak was only to describe her characteristics of being teasing. She said that her “true” personality is entirely different from how she project on the chat world. That’s it.

The virtual world of “chat” is different from the world according to your angle of reality. Why so serious honey? I just made my objective remark; my point is neither an absolute statement nor a reduction of her personality

. Then after some sorts of negotiations (lol), the issue proceeded to insensitivity. The simple equation was formulated, objective remark equals to insensitivity. On that ground, I quit the convo because it was totally pointless!

A slap of reality

My pointless points are here: we usually associate objective remarks to insensitive remarks because the frigging reality hurts and we don’t want gobble it. Reality hurts amigo! In the context of sociology, most pinoys are not used to direct/objective comments; we want the candy thing that’s why it’s hard to digest reality in an instant. And obviously some want their

achy heart to jump off from their chests and then slap their cold faces with a boiling reality

. Whew! That’s all, another dose of thoughtless thoughts.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

buy me

Happy thanksgiving fella!!!

I had a busy day today. I went to the SM mall very early to avail myself with their thanksgiving promo – there’s a 10% off in all their items. It’s a big deal for frugal person like me, more than ever with the financial crisis that we’re facing right now. So I hurried up so that I could buy gifts for my loved ones with discounts, he he he. It’s better to buy gifts early than to clash with the last day frenzied buyers. Oh gee, I felt that I broke my ankles and my patella got cracked because of extensive walking. But buying gifs for your loved ones is one of the best things about Christmas though it’s pretty tiring. I had fun walking around the malls and picking up good items but (long sigh) I missed my ate, my ate who’s now living thousand miles away from PI, my buddy when it comes to shopping and bargaining. I missed her a lot. It’s really different when you have someone with you in strolling or shopping. You wouldn’t mind the time or the call of your tummy because of the busyness and the happiness of talking and goofing around cheery. Anyhow, I had fun today, he he he, it’s just different.

Gee, i had a hard time carrying all these goodies.

and a found this funny thing at toy kingdom...

the running soup!!! horraay! am gonna get you, am starving to death!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Most people would feel a whole lot happier and healthier with ezvacuum

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

good service

Good morning Sir, thank you for coming
How may I help you?
Goodbye, come again...

The usual greetings whenever you go any establishment that offers good customer service. As a good consumer, I expect good service/products because I actually pay for it and I obviously add revenue to the company. Customer-Seller complements each other and the rule is very simple – I pay and you give me what I pay for. With this clear-cut parameter, problems are chuck out. But this plain rule isn’t uncomplicated as it appears. Problems usually arise not with the product per se but with the customer service. Here’s one good example: Last night my buddy and I went to McDonalds to satiate our hydrochloric-filled tummies after a long frenzied walk. McDo was actually the nearest fast food to reach on foot that’s why we decided to take our chow there. We were still gasping for some air when we arrived at the counter (and we were a bit filthy-looking jerks). My buddy made his heavy order, all in “go-large” followed by my regular order of burger, fries, and a regular coke. But the counter crew didn’t get our orders right because I was not yet done with my orders but she popped in if I would to make my orders in go large - I said no. I was very sure that time that she wasn’t listening because she’s engaged with our hyper-activeness. I repeated my order and she just gave me a strong sigh and a strong puckered brow. That made my world to stop, and I asked her if she got confused with our orders though I knew that she’s wasn’t really listening carefully. I repeated our orders and her response was contorted face, oh gee! And the worst thing, she punched in wrong orders. The nerves, I told her that she punched it wrong. She’s really taking for granted my annoyance and as if I don’t have the right to get mad. My buddy just pulled me out of the counter. I got really annoyed and I lost my desire for food. Then I saw the manager, I directly approached her and told the incident that happened. The manager was nice, she asked for an apology and I said alright. But I was not asking for an apology, good customer service is what I wanted. After the sloppy meal, I asked the full name of the crew and the manager, and the exact name of their branch. I told them that I am going to make a written report of the incident.

My point here is a matter of professionalism. Professionalism is not about education, trainings, or heavy titles. It’s about the character; it’s about “exhibiting a courteous, conscientious manner in the workplace”. If you choose to be a doctor, a business man, an agent, or a service crew of a certain food chain, you should act professionally.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

no meat?

It’s not the Darjeering experience, but it has the similarities though. Commonalities in terms of rituals, spiritual journey, and another segment in life that somehow had weaved a part of my being. It all started when I was convinced to join a meditation class then it progressed to yoga, and then the specks about Buddhism was injected to my sponge mind, which in turn made a twist in my life. But I heard a knock on my door to get off from the Darjeering limited and made my own journey on foot. (useless intro, i watched Darjeering last night)lol

no meat

Another thing that actually made my mind was the food. Soya, vegetables, and Soya, NO MEAT, meat is against the law. So there was time wherein the dilemma between being an herbivore or an omnivore came into my thoughts. Chimps, they do have the same (almost the same) guts like human but they don’t eat meat. But no way, I don’t belong to their species, my gray matter is way far better than theirs. The proposition here is if you can survive with no meat. Answer, yippee but it’s difficult and it’s pretty expensive. Here’s the fact that I’ve learned from my nutrition class – amino acids, the building block of proteins, that constitutes our muscles, promotes growth of tissues, and rebuilds shambles tissues are obviously very important to life. There are generally 8 essential amino acids, and the rule for this amino acids to work is “All or nothing”, easy, right? Meaning to say, you need the complete set if it or else no growth of tissues, no rebuilding and of course atrophy. Another proposition is that “protein is everywhere”, the essential amino acids must be complete though. Remember, the all or notthing law. If protein constitutes the muscles, meaning to say meat is also the main source. Got it? So the good source of protein is no other than MEAT. So living up as veggielicious is a hard work. If you’re going to infuse religion and other philosophical beliefs to this vegetarian issue, you oughtta find protein substitutes such as SOYA to halt brooding.

But last week, my friend has introduced me to this organic food mania. Though I am a bread addict and love the different varieties of bread from organic to French, her commodity is pretty unusual, new to my ears and palate. She bought this organic bread from cleanse-nourish company and it’s delicious. All ingredients are natural and best-picked. The nutritious and organic box contains MALUNGGAY bread, which is really new to me and the other kinds are carrot, wheat, and oats, which are all familiar to me but the taste is really new. Another funky thing about this bread was the dipping; they got malunggay dip, pesto Pilipino dip, garlic and cashew dip, and the lemon and olive oil combi dip. The ratings: 5 star delicious-oh!!!According to my friend, one box of that bread contains all the essential proteins, ohws? Whatever, i can't live without MEAT. bow!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008






Still remember the toy story? Have you seen it? If not, poor kid. lol

Here’s what happens during lights off…

An expose about the Merry Lovely Santa -

Santa on the loose

from our correspondent, Barbie



event that occured last Holiday Season. Let’s call it “The Santa Scandal”, a video that was given by concerned hotel personnel. It’s the right time to


the true color of Santa. My own hothomemade santa scandal.

Naughty Santa,hehehehe...just for fun!