Saturday, August 30, 2008


All right, my vacation is almost through, the drinking session to be exact. After three consecutive days of drinking spree, what's the upshot that I get? For some, this kind of "goings-on" is really just a waste of time apart from the off-putting consequences on our body, strictly to the liver. So why did I gorge to this matter? Here’s the simplest reason, to catch up with one another( with friends,new found friends, soon to be friends, unseen friends, and c), to converse. This may sound odd to others who believed that everything can always be linked up by proper or therapeutic communication. Okay here’s my stand, speaking on account to my brief experience, drinking is paradoxically working. As a tenderfoot to this “alcoholikeness”, there’s always an edgy feeling on the first shot, it seems that the alcohol is passing like hot lava on a fertile land, drying off everything on its way. And the taste is not really good. But as I go on with the shots (usually given by a designated “taga-tagay”), everything’s getting lighter as if the lava has cooled off and has started to amend as a fertilizer to nourish the land once again. Paradoxically working because alcohol is a known depressant but it works on my body like an ecstasy, an energizer to spill the beans. As the alcohol passes to my brain, in the course of the blood-brain barrier ,and accumulates; the sentiments grow at the same time, accumulating and readying for its unfussy exodus. Alcohol lets me to have a discussion without thinking of a poise, genteel, and urbane exchange. Everything is spontaneous, unplanned, and fresh. I like how it affects my affect by becoming more of a weep spiller. I like how it lifts my mood by becoming more of funniness. And I like how it faults my logic. I become more vocal, opinionated, moderated, and agreeable in an instant without thinking too much. I like it though I’m sounding more like an idiot. Alcohol offers more than that, it forms a bond. A bond that cannot be made without the dose of it, without the rhythm of your own accord of alcoholikeness that attaches the pieces of diverse puzzles unknowingly. That’s it. For those who drink to experience this kind of experience will at least understand me, but for those who drink to get drunk will never experience my experience and most probably will understand me not. There’s a lot more “do-good-to” about alcoholikeness that I failed to declare; how it eases a worry mind, how it ceases a fool mind, how it caresses a hard mind, and a lot more. As I mention above, I am a novice to this “doings” but I am daringly saying that I like it, on how a like it, on my purpose of doing it.

3rd day

look at these gals, they're goin' uber crazy to our filthy drinks, the peasant's drink,lol...

next to the wanted list, the drinking gang!

enjoying the "high" of weeds!

Friday, August 29, 2008

2rd day.....

dammit! we have nothing to do other than to drink til dawn. This vacation is dragging me off, shot for you!

mr. sunny

It was 4:30 this morning when i left the pad going to a beach riding on a bicycle. It's 3Km away from the place. So i had an overall 6Km ride, thank you muscles, thank you strong
Here are some of the pics:

roughly five in the morning...the place was still dark.

15mins later after the first pic...

Sun's rising...

5:30...Getting brighter

The bicycle with my clothes messing on clothes? yeah,lol. I took a quick plunge on the salty sea with Mr. Sunny illuminating the scene...naked and sacred!

I'm exhausted to death..need to take a rest now.bye bye folks! going to edit this later, I'm just so excited to post the pics.


I am busy doing nothing. Thoughts are running through my head about a lot of things, especially the call of flesh. Right now -at this point of time, I am struggling between the cunning sexual desire and the desire to contemplate. You can’t really serve to gods. Contemplation about life and sexual appetite are totally opposite poles. You have to decide which way you are going to. Contemplation versus Sexual Desire, an ongoing struggle for each of us, lucky is the one who have found the perfect mate to enjoy the flesh without the guilt of the standards that’s has been laid upon by the culture. The standards that keep my head spinning on how I will attain exclusion or how will I twist the stated rules by inserting the sense of relativity. But rules are absolute, universal, and stiff – they say, the books say, the wise men say. Though these were intended to maintain order and equilibrium, in some points these create instability in someone’s world, in someone’s world created different from the scope of the cultural realms. But you’re insignificant to be noticed because you think you are. After a tedious and thorough contemplation about the standards – the must-do, the more I realized how hard it is to fit yourself in the written standards if you see the world of a deliberate opposite of the rules. The rules are simply meant to give a fa├žade of balance but obviously almost everything is on the space of instability – maybe lost in wilderness of the world. Conformity to the world that’s running the opposite of its definition or conformity to what you know is right for you? The good way is the hard way – they say, again. I am decided now – conform to what you think is right because it’s your world, your own world.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the concerns

I had a good sleep though I went to bed very late, four in the morning. While I was savoring the breakfast, I picked up my new book of Han Nolan which I bought on sale – as usual. The story starts with the adventure of two lads in making a still to produce alcohol which they thought that would turn their chest hair into a carpet. My own frigging experience of puberty came into flash. Though I already entered the dawn of twenties, the “firsts” will always be fresh, vivid and will definitely make an LOL reminiscing time for me.

Here’s the flash back:
The top 8 puberty issues (relationship excluded)

1. Chest hair:
I really had a considerable problem on how would I make my chest hair to grow thicker. I even thought of applying Sabila extracts to do the trick. Seven years have transpired and luckily It dint bother me now.
2. Hair, hair, and more hair: The mustache and beard. The accessory hair that symbolizes manhood, the image of “balbasarado”. With my axillary hair, it was fun monitoring how it flourished my armpits that used to smell like baby, but now it smells like deo- of course.
3. The bush under: to trim or to shave. My skin got sore after shaving it. Lesson learned – don’t bother that bush. It has a purpose.
4. Voice: whenever I would hear comments about how my voice turned husky, it never failed to boost my mature ego. Ehem, ehem, hear that?
5. The kiss: The first tutorial was with my own clenched hand, on the lateral area between the thumb and the index finger that looks like (in my eyes) a rugged lips. Lol. My imaginary lips to practice the amor of kissing. Got that idea from TV.
6. Keep my private work privately: The CR was the first witness of my first weakness. But I always had a problem on how to keep it noise-free and privately. I was caught by mum doing that thing, sheesh… I forgot to lock the door. Whatta shame. And I even broke a lavatory by doing that business.
7. The dream: When would I own a porn video? And that remained a dream.
8. The little man: With a scale chart for growth and development of my lil’ man.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st day...

whoa! now i consider myself a pure breed busy body,lol. Our trip started yesterday at around 8:00 pm. The only food we had to wolf out were hot dogs, bottles of mineral water and fruit beverages, bread (raisins and fruit), and junk foods. As usual, if you're traveling with a friend, the whole ride would be full of stories, and stories, and stories til you arrive to your destination. Meaning to say, the almost 9-hour ride was consumed by chitchatting and goofing around to other passengers. At around 4 or 5 am, i had a very beautiful glimpse of sunrise which i never had experience for more than a year. It was panoramic with the orange and yellow colors exploding in the sky like the dancing aurora borealis. That's really wow. And whoa! We arrived safely past five in the morning. Good morning ****!I don't own a lappy but for heaven's grace, the destination place has a desktop computer with a 24hour internet connection. Golly gosh, that's an overwhelming grace, plug ins must be installed though. So, First thing firsts, i checked my site and opened my ym. Yahoo, yeah it's really yahoo coz my gf was there,lol. She just made my day with her simple but heartfelt message of "ingat and other mushy lines",wahehehee. With a gurgling tummy, i binged out beef stew, corn flakes,bread and juice. Yummy, satisfied and happy. Instead of taking a doze, i hopped in to the different worlds of blogging. Then an alert message was given: Drinking spree will start at one pm, stat order. I immediately had a shower and moved into the drinking session. The pack was composed of RV, pau, d-d and "ai, ai captain". Pau started the session with a shot for kamatayan, a ritual to make the drinking session free of any harm,lol. Two bottles of brandy were drunk up to the last drip with two liters of soft drinks that served as chasers. We gobbled up junk foods, enseymada, and pancit. The session was energized by the video-oke singing marathon. And i won the bet for the highest score; it was 92, once in a lifetime. I sang matchbox hits, green day, Frank Sinatra's bests, and some oldie songs from Bread and Abba. Then the clock stuck 10pm, a signal to end up the session. We packed up and planned for tomorrow's activity. Haroo, haroo!Here i am, in front of the computer writing in my blog; my eyes are terribly sore right now and the bed is actually pulling my body to lie down. Good night folks, oh it's already morning..So good morning folks and keep in touch...Tomorrow is a big day for the beach, i mean today, yeah to go!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hi guys..I'll be out for a week or so. yipee! I'm damn's an impulse decision - as always. My friend sent me a text message just this morning - "going on a vacation, wanna come?". Sheesh, my blood rushed in but my reply was "i wish i could come but Im broke". Then the reply was "that's easy buddy, we'll solicit". I called my friend to fix the solicitation process, lol. We sent text messages to our friends here and abroad to gimme some dimes for my fare and allowance,lol. With a lil' drama on it, im goin'...vacation galore. Many thanks to my friends. In return, i'll be giving my books to them (that i bought on So g2g guys, need to pack my things now. Things needed: dvds (big stan, rogue, mutant chronicles, hmmm), mp3 (my midnight sax, benson, and new wave), books ( han nolan's), etc.
The joyride will start this 6pm...harooo! yahoo!

pet petting pet

Here are my pets, yeah pets...the animals but humans are still possible to be my pet for my petting pet time.
okay, he's not a chihuahua dog, okay...Jeez not Paris,obviously she's not a dog but ya' know, as we all know, she could act like a b*** , dog, ah never mind. Meet my dog, YUGI. He's actually a gift from my friend on college. His mum, yugi's mum, was a pure breed japanese spitz but his dad was a filthy askal, so no wonder where yugi got his look. But he's really smart. I remember he's only two weeks old when he was given to me, i bought him a bottle feeding, saucer,and dog fod (which is very expensive, expensive). Everytime i'd go to store to buy him food, there's always a hesitation "sana bumuli n lang ako ng tinapay",lol. But yugi's loyalty is awesome. He's smart, as i said and very caring...I even made a bed for him, a pup's bed....he's such a nice pup.

Take a closer look to yugi not to the filthy background. ISnt he cute? adorable? He is! lol...

Here's my second pet, birdie...Not the cats, okay...He's a parrot, abviously. If yugi is caring this creature is very intelligent. Birdie say "panget, hello, how are you?" good boy. Btw, i hate cats, yeah cats but the other term for them, i love it, a lot.

birdie's on the tarpaulin. You rock!lol.

Monday, August 25, 2008



fly on through the night wind take a star to her for me
please wisper i love her make her wait for me
here it seems so cold now how i wish her arms around me
soar nightbird of love tell her wait for me

cause you have wings you know i let you go
almost every night
but lonliness can dull the shine
of even the bright moon light

night bird fly on, fly on
night bird, sing her my song

oh before you leave take this band of gold with you
and if you can find her tell her i am true

cause you have wings you know i let you go
almost every night
but lonliness can dull the shine
of even the bright moon light

night bird fly on, fly on
night bird sing her my song

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lust is calling me loudly

Warning: Obscene stuffing

Mushy! Mushy! Dammit. I just can’t get this fuck outta my mind. This fuck gives me a smile whenever the fuck beeps my remote communication.
And it’s me, the pathetic dreamer who dreams of that fuck falling in love with me, completing my incompleteness, filling my unfilled perfections, and heating up my coldness, my dormancy, and my virginity for the past year. Yeah, it’s impossible. I’m a jerk by thinking these thoughts.

The hell, the move is moving slowly, the beat is beating thinly, but the lust is lustier than ever. Thinking about the possibilities and the impulsivity of presumptuous things direct me to a load of expectations. When is that fuck going to like me? Not my completely rotten personality, that’s impossible to happen, but at least just with the thought of liking to get laid with me. When is when? How soon is soon? How will fantasy meet with reality? As the pain of longing sets in, the pleasure gets in more intensely. And the more I think of all the possibilities, the more it’s becoming a voodoo in my thought. But I damn take a pleasure from it, to inflict pain in my own sense. The bliss of the flesh, making my life unusually aerated from unknown apprehension. The cunning flesh that is completely different from the fantasy of making love, making complications in life. Think of a chemist who mixes different chemicals, a dose of water and bicarbonate to yield to a computed composition of certain acids. Or go to your kitchen and prepare a meal, lets say beef stew. It takes a minute to pig it out but damn lengthy time of mixing the ingredients, tasting and serving. But try the instant stew; it takes minutes to prepare it but then same fullness and heat on your tummy. That’s how spontaneous flesh bliss is, no need for loyalty, untiring understanding, boundary, honesty, and other mushy things. It’s instant, spontaneous…No strap on your neck…No dog tag…No commitment.

That’s why sometimes I just wanna ask the fuck to get dirty with me, but the fuck I wouldn’t do that…because I am fuck.