Thursday, October 15, 2009

last dance



"You wear that smile again"
The same smile that struck me dead
That enclosed me deep in your eyes
That caught me tightly, strongly, faithfully
But the closeness that which I cannot touch

It’s everyone’s dream to interlace the cold fingers
To someone’s hands
And on the time we had it
We both clasped for whatever things might happen
For whatever steps we might arrive at
Or for whatever pace in life

But it’s all in the music
If the rhythm will conspire with us
To have the perfect jive
In a routine that will last

I said I don’t know how to dance
You hushed that lets just enjoy the night
As an inexperienced dancer
I became the king of the night
And you as my queen to tap

The melody made the beats
And we just let our feet
To sway and to play in the ball stage
Dancing, intricately, intimately
And with the feeling of endlessly

And tonight...
You wear the same smile again
But the music got mystified
I heard that you hushed again
That which I cannot figure out

Is it the commencement of the final dance?
Then again the clock rung there times
And then you cast in the dark
Leaving behind the golden slippers on my hand


the last dance