Saturday, October 31, 2009



Alright, here comes again the Halloween Celebration. It really never occurred in my mind because of the busyness at work until yesterday when I went out to the mall to chill out. Oh, everything’s on theme – make it a bit bizarre and sloppy scary dude. Oh, the cobwebs are everywhere with the flying bats made from polyurethanes , and of course the entertaining salespersons with their flabby costumes. Oh yeah, it’s really Halloween, and makes me a bit unwell for the emotional bombi attack of self-pity, hahaha. Wish I could do some pranks, have the trick-or-treating, wear flabby costumes, and a lot more of kiddoes' activities.

But of course, I learned how to entertain myself. So to keep up with the spookiness of Jack-o'-lantern, here’s my solo celebration of Halloween….

Oh, sheesh!
it's pretty cold today, wish there's someone who could trick-or-treat with me. "grins"...


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the issues...

I had a good sleep though I went to bed very late, four in the morning. While I was savoring the breakfast, I picked up my new book of Han Nolan which I bought on sale – as usual. The story started with the adventure of two lads in making a still to produce alcohol which they thought that would turn their chest hair into a carpet. My own frigging experience of puberty came into flash. Though I already entered the dawn of twenties, the “firsts” will always be fresh, vivid and will definitely make an LOL reminiscing time for me.

Here’s the flash back:
The top 8 puberty issues (relationship excluded)

1. Chest hair:
I really had a considerable problem on how would I make my chest hair to grow thicker. I even thought of applying Sabila extracts to do the trick. Seven years have transpired and luckily It dint bother me now.
2. Hair, hair, and more hair: The mustache and beard. The accessory hair that symbolizes manhood, the image of “balbasarado”. With my axillary hair, it was fun monitoring how it flourished my armpits that used to smell like baby, but now it smells like baby pa din,lol....
3. The bush under: to trim or to shave. My skin got sore after shaving it. Lesson learned – don’t bother that bush. It has a purpose.
4. Voice: whenever I would hear comments about how my voice turned husky, it never failed to boost my mature ego. Ehem, ehem, hear that?
5. The kiss: The first tutorial was with my own clenched hand, on the lateral area between the thumb and the index finger that looks like (in my eyes) a rugged lips. Lol. My imaginary lips to practice the amor of kissing. Got that idea from TV.
6. Keep my private work privately: The CR was the first witness of my first weakness. But I always had a problem on how to keep it noise-free and privately. I was caught by mum doing that thing, sheesh… I forgot to lock the door. Whatta shame. And I even broke a lavatory by doing that business.
7. The dream: When would I own a porn video? And that remained a dream.
8. The little man: With a scale chart for growth and development of my lil’ man.

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