Monday, April 13, 2009

quickie vacation

Hoolaboodla! Here’s what happened during my quickie 2-day off from work.
Because I’d really love to get a life aside from my work, I persevered to unwind though my body’s already worn-out.
04/09/09 – Right after the sun had emerged from the horizon, I went to my aunt’s shop to check out if I could still go out with their spree. She was in a good mood and took me a ride going to Sofitel. Great, I had a good breffy there with Danish bread, cup of English breakfast tea and some fruties while watching the stunning view of Manila Bay from the 9th deck.

I also had a tranquil stroll at the poolside while watching my niece and nephew taking cool plunge into the blue. I’d like to swim but then I saw my favorite spot there, the hammock. I got in and swayed against the law of physics just as I enjoyed looking at the coconut tree overshadowing the sky. It was a nice time and I was really enjoying the silence of the moment until I saw the sand play pen on the other side of the pool. Excitement had arrived on my lie low feeling and wow – the only word I could utter. I jumped off from the hammock and went to the artificial sand scene. I felt very happy but then it just made me missed more of my homeland. Oh, it felt that I had a sudden regression. While I was playing on the sand, my aunt and mum had arrived on the hotel. My mum asked me if would love to stay on the hotel or come with them to visit my uncle who had had just arrived from abroad. It took me quite a time to decide and then I just said YES!

3:00 pm

It was mid afternoon when we started driving through the humid Coastal Road. Because I was with the oldies, I was hard for me to butt in with their convo. So I just entertained myself with my camwhoring activity using my puny mobile phone. Since I got hooked up with my camwhoring, I didn’t notice that we were already at my uncle’s pad. Yipee, I could smell dollars or hmmm… with it parfum. Hollaboola, the long ride had a really a good payoff, hah hah, I got what I wanted. Then lucky hit once more, my uncle wanted to visit our province.

5:00 pm of the same day.

The route was South Express Way. It’s was a long ride home. There was nothing left to do than to camwhore and watch porn, no, no, it was forbidden to do nasty thing during that day. Thus, we just bought a lot of goodies and foodies to wolf out during the ride. We also sang, and sang and then sang until we got tired and be dead to the world. It was fun cool joyride. The time the clock struck twelve, the engine had stopped and we got out from the car. The air smelled so different and there was a fresh calm feeling.

“I’m home”, I yelled and immediately run through the house. “Ahahaha, I’m really home”. After devouring the sumptuous local delicacies, I asked my cousins to chill out at the beach.


1:00 am: Best time to drink some beer and puff some magic dragon. After feeling the grains of the sand, I took a swim at the warm, salty water of the Pacific Ocean, naked and sacred! That was awesome! My cousins and I had a good talk under the shimmering night sky.

3:00am: Another best comfort, to sleep on my bed.
8:00am: Got up and visited some folks
5:00pm: visited our parish Church
7:00pm: On a bus going to manila
4:00am: under the pollution of the metro again
And then…


Hope You all had a good Holy Week Vacation. Ciao!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...


dahil walang bunny, eto na lang HAMSTER namen, hehehehe!

May you all be blessed...

Here's a dose of info..quickie lang ako eh!
"Easter is celebrated today as marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although Easter is one of the most celebrated hoidays of the modern Christian church, the name Easter originally came from Eostre. Eostre was the ancient Greek goddess of spring. Pagan festivals were held every year to honor her because it was believed that she had returned and brought with her the light of day. This festival marked the return of longer days and it also coincided with the vernal equinox which is on the twenty-first day of March every year. The early Greeks did not fully understand at that time why the days became shorter and then turned longer again. They were afraid that if they did not worship the goddess of spring, that she would stop returning and the sunlight would not return either.

The Christian church changed the pagan holiday into the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And, instead of the holiday being held on the spring equinox, the date was changed. In the year of 325 AD, the Church Council of Nicaea decided that Easter would be celebrated on the very first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Because of their decision, the date of the Easter holiday differs from year to year. It can be celebrated as early as March twenty-second or as late as April twenty-fifth.

Easter is more than just one Sunday in the spring. It consists of several other holy days, too. Forty days before Easter is Ash Wednesday. This begins the season of Lent which ends on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. The week which lasts from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is known as Holy Week. Good Friday marks the death of Christ, while Easter marks His resurrection.

Many symbols of Easter, which include eggs, rabbits, chicks, lilies, sunrise services, and a new outfit of clothing originated from early sources. Easter eggs represent the beginning of life. They were first colored by the pagans to resemble the returning sunlight as well as the northern lights in the sky. In later years, an ancient Christian legend told of the Virgin Mary giving eggs to the Roman soldiers. She begged them not to crucify her son.

Faberge eggs are probably the most widely-recognized ornamental eggs. They began when the Russian Czar Alexander had the famous goldsmith named Peter Faberge create a special Easter egg for his wife, the Empress Marie.

Rabbits and chicks represent the rebirth of the earth. The lily, specifically the White Lily, which is also known as the Easter Lily, is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Its whiteness symbolizes the purity of new life that comes from being resurrected. A new Easter outfit also symbollizes the beginning of a new life. And, finally, sunrise services are still observed today in many churches. They began in much earlier times, though, when people got up early and celebrated the rising of the sun."

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