Friday, April 3, 2009

just my luck...


Aside from the word busyness, crap would be the second most familiar word with my life at this point of frigging spin of time. The crappy fate started last Monday when I dropped by at the mall to unwind my frozen mind because of the monotony of work-house-house-work way of living. I stumbled at People Are People Store because I saw shirts wearing by the mannequins stunningly. I got taken aback. I impulsively took it and tried it in front of the life size mirror, which I think was modified for anyone to look like make-me-a-supermodel hippie. Because of that mystification, I bought two shirts though my wallet wasn’t consenting with my cerebrum. Mother of fate, the crap attested just today after wearing it…it, it looks like more of a basahan. No question about the one hundred percent cotton written on the tag but the crap it looks like it sagged, just like the sagging skin of your tabachoy titas on their sixties. Oh, I felt so regretful and my emotion was jiving with the pinoy nursery rhyme that goes like “kung pagkain sana nabusog pa ako”.

Wait, the crappy-ness isn’t over yet, just tonight before writing this post, I got envy, green with envy with the painting posts of Or and Dh. And my impulsive thought has operated once more. There was a sudden rush of arsty mania through my veins that went on jumping across my excited nerves. “I wanna paint too”…So I immediately went out and I took a cab for me to escape the hassle of jeepney’s loading and unloading routine. I was still gasping for a dose of oxygen when I arrived at the mall but again crap... “closed/cerrado”- posted on the door of national bookstore. I got sore, in full soreness but my hope didn’t fade away immediately. I run across the long stairs from 3rd to ground level at the supermarket on tenterhooks just to find brushes and watercolors. But the crap, all I found was groceries. And again my emotion’s concomitantly drooping with the pinoy saying “Aanhin pa ang kabayo kung serado na ang tindahan ng damo”.

Sheesh! By the way, today is my day off. Day off ng boy ngayon pero it went out awful, kawawa naman.

Missed you all guys!

P.S. Wala pa ko nahahanap na LBC. Lolz.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ba de ya - say do you remember...

Do you remember the 21st night of september?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
while chasing the clouds away

Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in september
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day

Oh yeah! That’s the song that woke me up from my deep savory sleep. Urhgsss! Though id like to be bitter for interrupting my yummy doze, I couldn’t help myself but to enjoy the music – the rhythm airlifted my soul to the mountain top and kept my whole body banging on the floor! Hahahaha! That was a good trip to start my sunny Sunday! FYI that wasn’t my music, it’s from our neighbors’, a spot packed with youngsters enjoying the vigor of life. Two or three more energetic music had transpired with the holler noise of ecstasy coming from the broken larynx of those rockin’ rollies neighborhood, then... the sound had shut down and again silence had crept in. Just to break the stillness, I placed my cool jazz CD on the go followed by a slouched position of regression on the sofa with the thoughts of melancholy surging on my mind…”When was the last time I had a dance party with my friends? When was the last time I roared with gladness? When was the last time I felt so much bouncy about life? I could no longer remember - that’s for ages ago. I chose to be bitter, to sag with the downturns in life that made my skin more horrid, my thoughts more rabid, and my happiness to decline. I was hopeless then, a freaking pathetic animal accepting and holding on my loser’s script.

I just sat silently, pondering my jealousy to my neighbor’s vibrancy and to my time wasted with regrets and what-ifs feelings.
After a while, after digesting my self-made grief, I stood up and then...I danced!

Today, I choose not to be bitter! I choose to be happy though yesterday was a crap.
Sunny Sunday to all of you!

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