Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was on my 4th grade when I first heard of the word “insurance”. It was during our out-of-town educational trip wherein my head was covered with 20 thousand pesos. From thence, I got mindful on how money can guarantee almost everything in this world. Just like when my aunt guaranteed her house and all of the things inside it and when the hilarious butt of J.Lo that was insured by millions. Man is really doing everything to fight off the forces of nature.

Last week after my tiring work because two of my clients had died, this topic flooded back into my thoughts. And then I questioned the universe if there’s really a so-called “insurance”. I remember one of my clients who had a vehicular accident, the loss of his wrecked car went back but his life, never. Another one was with 21-year old professor of the state university who did everything to be ahead of herself in career and education but then she died in a brain infection. Then the victims of the raging typhoons, their houses were fairly compensated about the damage but their lives were not salvaged. So where is then the so-called “security”? Man is really hilarious. Because none is certain in this world, for we don’t know what lies ahead and no one can ever predict the future. So don’t ever feel secured, you might have a trust fund, a stable job, a healthy body, because unavoidable things may happen anytime.

Instead of worrying what things to get insured, take moments to feel the simple yet profound security that we can avail in this passing life.

How about the hugs from your loved ones? Isn’t a lifetime insurance that you had life? Think about it...

In the end, the best insurance that we could all have is by being FREE

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Enjoy every moment because there's no such thing as life insurance...

n.b. i think im gonna die soon...i need your hug more often.