Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunray smile

I saw this video at my blogmate’s site, I thought of it as the "usual" poem, then I read it between lines and found out simple thoughts in life - Sunray smile; how a smile makes a difference in our lives. The vid clip is awesome; it brightens up my day, seeing the smiling faces from different walks of life.

What a difference a sunray can make

in a world that's tired of the rain.

What a difference a smile can make

in a heart that's filled with pain.

(She had a) Sunray smile

Fairer then the spring or a rainbow

Sunray smile

Come to melt away the snow

The darkness of a shadow always flees

where ever a sunray is found

The darkness in a heart always leaves

when the glow of that smile is around

(She had a)Sunray smile

Fairer then the spring or a rainbow

Sunray smile

Come to melt away all the snow.

In my heart today.

McDO, Umbrella, and The made-up Story

Last Thursday, my niece and I went to McDonalds to grab the new Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa toys free from every happy meal. The store is walking distance to our place but my niece asked me to ride on a tricycle. Upon arriving to McDo, my niece immediately went to the shelf where the toys are being displayed at while I queued up to the counter. Her eyes were glued to the toys, poring over the details of each toy. I remember, when KungFu Panda characters went out to McDonalds happy meals, we collected it all in less than two weeks. We both had crispy chicken, soda, and additional fries. While were having fun playing with Skipper and Marty, I rummaged my niece’s body bag, and then I noticed that our umbrella was missing. I blurted it out with alarm and with a snap; we both figured out that we left it on the tricycle. She got worried as much as do and I know that she took a part of responsibility to our things. I told her “ate, we’ll finish this food and we’ll figure out a solution.” After our meal, I told her that we’re just going on foot back home. On our way, we were goofing around for our lame excuses in losing the umbrella. Then I told her, “Mommy (my sister) will get mad ate”, we need to think of a solution”. She replied sharply, “We’ll buy one”. Then, we made a high five. We agreed to keep it as a secret until we have the replacement. When we got home, we were still laughing for losing the umbrella and kidding each other that we’d be busted to her mum. Our maid saw us in that euphoria and got questioning. We both told her that we have a secret. And our maid leveled up with her snooping to my niece. I got upstairs and spent my hours on the net while my niece was still wrangling over with our maid. When I got down, our maid told me that my niece has already told her about our secret. “What”, I asked Stacey. She just gave me wink. Then I asked Glenda, our maid, about it. Glenda said that our secret was my date for the coming Sunday that I needed to save money for that date and Stacey will help me out. After hearing that, I had a great laugh and had a high five with my niece. I never thought that my niece would be able to fabricate such story to get rid of Glenda’s inquest. LOL.

Friday, November 7, 2008


All right! Let’s have something new here at my blog because I am pretty fed-up with the opps. I’m still waiting for it, though. lol. Last night or the other night, I guess - senility setting in, oh never mind, there’s a song that just popped into my mind while I was devouring myself to globe’s unlimited text, busily sending text messages to...(le’s skip this). The song reminds me of my life way back in the realms of hearts flying in the sky, flowers blossoming with the notes of love dancing in the air, taking sweet glances, and… this is too much, hahaha. Here’s the scene: you’re in the car with your sweetheart, driving along the stretch of love road with the sun bidding goodbye as it touches the particles of life with his orange tinge, a perfect backdrop of the sky for you and your sweet heart to oppose the chill at your spines, holding each other’s arms,

naked and sacred

. This song has the vigor of youth, the abiding hope and the eternal happiness even if loving each other means to defy the world. Aha, aha! lol

DJ Mystik - Naked and Sacred - DJ Mystik

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

What does love mean?
Can love last?
I ask myself these questions,
haunted by the past.
I’ve walked these city streets.
I’ve known victories and defeat.
Searching, hoping, just barely coping.
Baby I wanna be good for you.
I wanna be true.
Don’t know how I'd live with myself,
if I ever hurt you.

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

Since I met you.
My life’s changed.
I feel like a bird,
that’s been let out of it’s cage.
Baby I wanna be good for you,
I wanna be true.
Don’t know how I'd live with myself,
if I ever hurt you.

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Toykingdom Warehouse Sale


November 7,8,9, 2008

up to


on selected brands

Megatrade Hall 2 SM MegaMall

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still wandering the forest like an ogre? Are you fed-up living with your step sisters? Haven’t found yet the princess on the sea with an angelic voice? Or still busted with an arrow hit by Robin Hood? And tired of worrying for the elixir of youth that has never been found yet while the clock ticks like the Cinderella’s time bomb countdown. Don’t get upset buddy, if your life turns out like the crazy frog of Thumbelina or the unlucky Prince Charming searching for Fiona, there’s still hope. Ya’ right. You read it right. Get up, no need for the Fairy God Mother’s magical wand nor for the whimsical powder of Thinker bell’s enchantment to fly. It’s no longer the “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the hot chick for me to take home.” The magic is just a click away. The sweetness you’ve ever wanted –, feel the magic of Snow White’s first kiss, the thrilling Dance of Beauty and the Beast, the adventures of Alice, and all the fantasy you’ve ever know. Whether you’re a daddy, a baby, a momma, an extramarital or a handsome stud who looks for the same kind, is the answer for you happily ever after. Live like real pence, princess and devour the magical happiness. It takes no more than a minute or two…live real with your magical love story, NOW...

online dating

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Depression and Exercise

Depression can be one of the most debilitating experiences in life. It makes you tired, so tired you want to go to bed and never get up. It can be a challenge to pull yourself out of that dark hole. Seeing your doctor should always be your first step in dealing with depression, but there are some ways you can deal with depression on a daily basis. Though it may seem impossible, exercise is one of the best ways to deal with depression.
Exercise and Depression
Depression is one of the most common problems people experience today, but it's also very treatable with medication, therapy and other self-help options. But, have you ever considered exercise as part of your treatment? Study after study has shown that exercise is a helpful way to treat depression because it:
• Increases your sense of mastery which can help for people who don't feel in control of their lives and moods
• Increases self-esteem
• Provides a distraction from your worries
• Improves your health and body, which can help lift your mood
• Helps you get rid of built-up stress and frustration
• Helps you sleep better, which can often be a problem when you're depressed
It may seem impossible to get moving when you feel depressed but that's exactly what you have to do. No matter how tired you feel, getting up and moving around can bring some immediate relief to your symptoms and getting in a little exercise is an excellent way to work off some of that added stress you're carrying around.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



A pair of filthy pony shoes…
A straight-cut Levis jeans that badly needs a laundry…
And a plain white tee…
Add my scuba watch with a rotten smelling bracelet.

That’s how I look for every day of my life since college days. I wear that bland style whenever I go out: at the mall, in church’s solemn ground, and to my other gigs. Bland as my friends have told me and if that’s how you categorize it in a fashion sense. Sometimes I wonder with the “what if”. How would I look if am rock star, a sport jack with high-cut air shoes, or a funky bling-bling ya’. Oh, I just can’t be like them, all I need is a little variety, maybe with my plain shirts. I want something funky yet simple, something colorful yet neat, something that would speak my mind in a different way… something like CrazyDog, yes, absolutely correct something like CrazyDog that will make color to my jeans and shirt style. Something like this -

SO what ya' waiting for? The options are waide-range, from funny t-shirts and retro t-shirts to offensive t-shirts and vintage t-shirts. Whether you're looking for pirate shirt designs, nostalgic vintage t-shirts or you want to make a statement with funny tee. Pick your own style at CrazyDog funny t

Well CrazyDog helps you rock your favorite funny t. Whether you love political humor, 80's cartoons, Chuck Norris,or random movie quotes there is a shirt for everyone.

funny t shirts

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Piging out

Pigging out

God created us in different flavors. Some are thinkers while others are feelers. Some are naturally born melancholic and some are true-blooded sanguine. And some are actually hilarious. Knowing and meeting different flavors of personalities never ceases to amaze and sometimes makes me wonder why these flavors were created.

I met a man, roughly a decade older than me and he has this out-of-the-ordinary manner that made an impression to me, a surprising impression. It’s just a small thing but I got really annoyed at the first time I saw his behavior. I haven’t had an idea on how would I call that manner until I visited a local bookstore. While I was browsing the tons of books there, I saw this handy-dandy book with funny caricature at the cover and with a stunning title” How to Pig Out”. I was caught and had an achy tummy browsing the page-turner hilarious book...continue reading here

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vistaprint Reseller

Got the artistic idle hands? Are you one of the mums who stay at home and do nothing aside from looking out for your kids? Got hooked at the net absently? Or just a bum who wants to earn bucks? If you want your time to run with dimes, Vista Print is the answer, be a VistaPrint Reseller.VistaPrint is a business marketing company having served over 15 million customers world-wide that offers small businesses with brand identity and promotional products, marketing services and electronic marketing solutions. This opportunity is really a great DEAL especially Christmas is coming because VistaPrint has the products that are actually in jive with the season with their high-quality and low-cost printed products such as holiday cards, postcards, business card magnets, brochures, moving announcements and checks; promotional apparel including hats and T-shirts; and marketing services. All the products are completely original and easy to personalize with the company’s helpful videos and articles on how to make it much easier. Aside from that, you have access to over 70,000 designs that you can customize online, the wholesale pricing on all products, the ability to directly ship to your customers to expedite delivery time, with the unbranded packaging to ensure your vendor - VistaPrint - is kept a secret and the weekly special offers that you can take advantage of. VistaPrint's products are satisfaction guaranteed.
Anyone can sign up to be a VistaPrint Reseller. Simply go to and sign up to begin receiving great offers on all VistaPrint products.

VistaPrint Reseller

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According to an old Chinese saying, it takes more than one’s lifespan to be able to taste all the flavors of tea in China, I must agree to this.

PhotobucketTea gives a different attitude when it touches my palette and the aroma is undeniably refreshing. It has a different aura compare to my cup of frappadoohdahs. Coffee as my first loved drink is one of the powerful olfactory stimuli since childhood. It gives a strong spur during the midnight study hours, 5-8 cups to keep me alive. In contrast, Tea is pretty new to me. I had a full recognition of tea just a few years ago after tasting a natural oolong. It was followed by jasmine,chamomile, and forest fruits black tea flavors. When my supply had gone out, I went back to coffee. But just last week, a friend of mine has been giving me different kinds of tea - the black, green and oolong at variety of flavors. I started with raspberry and blackcurrant black tea and then some green teas. I also had a taste of peach tea and my new favorite flavor, peppermint tea. Because of the freshness on it, I tried some exotic flavors, like the Korean Ginseng tea and the Japanese Original Green tea. And my palette got aroused too with the Venetian Tea. Tea has the antioxidants, the refreshing taste, and the natural stimulating scent. So if it's a chioce between coffee and tea, gotta choose both.

-as much as possible use porcelain cups for it retains heat compare to other glasswares
-use distilled water because the minerals on water may affect the taste of the tea
-use fresh hot water
-let the tea steep for about 3 minutes and then begin enjoying a cup of enchantment. Do not remove the leaves from the cup. Once the water level is low - add more water, and so on and so on - until the flavor of the tea is exhausted.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Panama Condo Hotel

When I think of hotel, the first thing that comes into my mind is the comfort and personalized accommodation. I’ve had been to quite different hotels like Sofitel that incorporated the beauty of nature to its elegance, Manila Hotel that caught my palette with their cuisine, Shangri-La that has the great amenities, Intercontinental with their service-oriented crew and others. Hotel gives short-time basis lodging but what I am looking for is the hotel that gives an ever lasting memory of pleasure and the perfect place to stay.
When in comes to big-dream, Panama is the great haven for me. Panama with its ideal location and weather for the whole year round, it’s totally irresistible. The lush foliage and the diverse fauna, the world-class marine activities of diving and fishing, the mountains, and the over-all breathtaking views of a perfect haven is in one place –Panama, my dream place. The big dream is the Hotel Casco Antiguo that has the authentic Andalusian details, state-of-the-art amenities and prime location at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, that will cater to sophisticated travelers who seek the kind of charm, vibrancy and style that mainstream hotels can never deliver. At this fast-paced world, one should experience the beautiful Panama and the Casco Antiguo to feel the freshness of nature and to refresh the world around you. It’s a great opportunity for investing and to have a second home in a heavenly place.

“The restored Hotel Casco Antiguo will be a condominium-hotel with 34 rooms and a full complement of amenities. A first in Panama, guests and owners will have access to the inaccessible through in-house concierge services provided by Quintessentially, the world's leading luxury lifestyle group.” Register for an eBrochure Here