Thursday, March 27, 2014

once again, welcome to my room

Hi there, it’s been really a long since my last post. I went on a very long hiatus, and finally I find the courage to step in again to blogosphere. I’ve got a lot of things to tell - on where I’ve been, what did I do for the past year, and to whom I shared my idleness with. A lot of things to share, overwhelming, but I don’t know where to start. Well, really nothing much has changed when it comes to my life’s struggle and my restrained outlook. Yeah, still the old me going back to my first post in 2008, maybe I just got worse, less life, less colour. Oh no, I might be putting a lot of drama now, so switch topic. So, for a brief reintroduction, I am still a nurse, but not practicing at the moment. I quit my job last November 2013, went on loooong vacation on the land down under. I became a beach bum, got baked, learned to live in a slow pace, had the taste of British life under a lamp, and most of all, I got stupefied with the Australian accent. Then I went back to Manila, spent a lot of dough as if I had a stash of gold, and learned to swipe my credit card unlimited. I went on my first climb at the coldest mountain in the country. And my craziness ran over when I clicked the NMAT registration just a few days before the exam. And now as I type this note, I am having a giddy feeling, exhaustion, frustration, and realisation of being an official bum. What’s more to that is I live each day with my escalating credits and procrastination in job hunting.
Grins, that’s for now. Good morning.

How i baked myself.