Friday, August 15, 2008


It was a fine lunchtime with a sumptuous meal, inihaw na bangus at tilapia, laing (creamy dish of taro leaves with pork and chili peppers, and then cooked in coconut milk), and the very temping side dish, mannga (minced) at sweet bagoong plus the savory spices. The table was set like in a tropical beach meal party and we were all drooling over the luscious food. Wait, this post isn’t about food. I just carried away. So here’s the real story. My sister and her husband, and I were wolfing the mouth-watery meal while watching a local singing TV show. While I was packing my chops with a mouthful bite, my brother-in-law blurted, “Be, yung ka-trabaho ko walang alam sa heavy metal”. All right. My brows rose and the first thought that registered, c’mon! Know-all epithet, gee. Then he added, “boy band tipo, Justin Timberlake”. “What!!!”, my stupefied reaction. I was about to have a change of heart but he further declared, “me asawa’t anak Be, pero pang telenovela gusto. Ang heavy metal kasi me social relevance”. He then chuckled, in a slighting way. Oopsie, social relevance, that’s kinda’ thinker. A 34y/o man, married, with kids, and a fanatic of Justin Timberlake. What’s wrong with that? Oooh golly gosh! That’s so..whatever.

Thoughtless thoughts: people have a right to be the way they are.
Relax. No BIG deal.
Music. All right. Here’s one good definition of music that I learned during my high school music recital: Music gives you happiness or sadness but it also, it also heals your soul. Simple yet profound.

Music somehow speaks something about you. Some say music defines a part of your personality; sanguine chill out with pop, possible thinkers opt jazz, and classics for eclectics. But many oppose this thought of music and personality. They say that there’s a loose correlation between the two variables. It’s all about exposure, how you’re introduced to different genres. Stop! The etiology of music preference is an enigmatic topic just like how the melody scratches our emotion.

Music for me is an itinerary of a good conversation. It always makes a good start convo. It soothes my soul, paints my dull world and gives life to my lifeless life.

Chill out with me...
Kenny G, listen here
george benson,chill out here
new wave, try this

nothing to do...

Your result for The Ego Test...

Mildly Egotistical

On certain occassions you definitely can be a bit egotistical. You don't like it when some nobody cuts you off in traffic or someone comes to you with a problem that is clearly their fault in the first place. You try to stick to the facts rather than go on opinions, but you've been known to jump to conclusions a few times. Generally you appreciate other people's opinions and perspectives but usually stick to your guns believing yourself to be right most of the time. Remember that the ego, and not you, takes everything personally... the person that cut you off is cutting YOU off. When in fact the person that cut you off just went around someone that was driving too slow for them... they don't know you after all. Be careful not to let your ego take control in those moments.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008


If I were given a chance to be somebody, I would choose to be the larger-than-life cowboy. A man free of ties, worries, and responsibility. A man of freedom and control, and with powerful strength in the chase of life up to the end of the horizon, to the length of the seashore, and to the boundaries of the sun and the moon. A man who has the power of filling out the blanks in his life without needing someone to row the boat with. Free, just like the wind.

All right!
I had enough and it all ended up to NOTHING. Therefore, before I let you feel bad about yourself, lemme confess these things.

I love it when you tell me the stories of your life; your family, hobbies, things that would make you feel good and bad about, your dreams, your plans and your emotions.
However, I don’t like when you try hard to crack down my mind. The moments when you wanted to open up my book. It sounds selfish, I know. But it really feels bad when you ask me questions that require an immediate answer. It feels like regressing I’m regressing to my childhood school experience; the q and a and recitation with my unbendable teachers and everything would just turn out to nothing, the best commodity that I could give - useless.
I need time. I need to think. I need to process things and to sort out the junks in my head. I’m not as good as you are in terms of emotional open up.

I love it when you spill out your sentiments with me. It feels like that I am needed, a knight in a shining armor that is ready to protect and comfort you. Nevertheless, it gives me frustration when you become an emotional basket. It feels that I am responsible for everything and it feels that I am useless, seeing you down and helpless.

I love it when you give your spontaneous compliments to me, the way you hand out your cheesy lines and mushy emotions. However, it kills me when it’s all becoming a ritual. It’s numbing me down and it creates resentment on me.

For now, I just want to become a cowboy, to find my competence again, and to grow into a real man, not a kiddo with fear and resentment to the world. I want to bring back the control within myself, the confidence. I need to define myself again.

N.B.: pls remember my last message for you.

Sunny (ngfeeling,lol)

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