Saturday, October 24, 2009

really filthy....

Okay, this is my first (and my last - maybe) to give my opinion about our filthy political system. Just a plain personal view, baseless, and off course, full of biases, reklamo? Sa presinto. My opinion got stirred just this morning while reading the complimentary news paper at mcdo. The headline says: “Erap stars in Palace Return”. Sheesh, though this isn’t really a surprise, this still made my brows to rise and my mouth to smirk after saying “duh” (got this from tedi). What on filthy earth this old, controversial, ex-con, balbasarado is thinking about? Well, most probably this decision came from his uncanny advisers who think that majority of Noypi are still pathetic, loser, and fool (just like their derby cock pet). Dang, for an actor who has no good educational background, who’s always jerky during leaders’ conference, who was placed into jail and then released out of face value of the dwarf who in the first place put him inside the bars of shame, still made it to the top three of the recent SWS survey. Ohmigosh, it only means that SWS has totally lost its credibility or maybe Juan has lost its sanity. Sir, you may call it as your last performance, but no doubt that it will never be your best. But if ever you make it, i'll jump off from the plane without parachute (then laughs). On the other hand, Erap’s pet for vice presidency isn’t an amwful monster, thanks goodie!”. Ganito kami sa Makati”, I have to agree that there’s a sense of pride if you’re living or working in Makati. Sige nga, if I say Quiapo? No qualm, snatchers and pickpocket-ers. How about Mandaluyong? Of course, Miriam’s follower. Taguig? Synonymous with Adik. Pardon me for these statements, hahaha. Just want to point out that Binay made Makati a topnotch city in the country, progressive and classy with the feeling that jobless doesn’t exist, literacy isn’t acceptable and needless to say, sosyal ang crimes, Coup d’etat. . Anyhoo, sir I gotta a feeling (BEP rock’on) that you wont make it. Calculating the possibilities of the blah blah x and y equation, still you can’t.

So who will be our future leaders? The decision is in our thumbs, register to vote. If all of the options are rotten, just choose the lesser evil. Ciao!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

only six pesos

It was a compulsive decision. It’s an additional load to my tiring life. And it marks a new page in my filthy scrapbook to doodle the every day scratch of life. Another cool change; from pocket size to two inches width manuscripts, from slate to monitor, from pens to keyboard, from traditional to virtual. These are just some of the few changes, but the most exciting one, I’ll be paying only 6 pesos for my fare.

N.B.1 - My horoscope says:
Career: Stars favor your career plans – promotions, raises, and transfers to other companies.
N.B. 2 – Jinro is just..fine.
N.B. 3 - Goodluck!

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Monday, October 19, 2009


Back in my elementary grades whenever there’s someone who'd ask me about my favorite subject, my favorite answer was -“RECESS”. Recess would mean a trip to canteen to buy ice candy, a chase around the trees, a treat by eating gummy bears and cry baby and a lot more of taking advantage the15 minutes by running around the playground regardless the blaze of sun.

When body hair started to grow and crushes became the mainstream in life, this event was then called BREAK-TIME. It was a perfect fleeting time to sight-see my dearly schoolmates and a time for giggles for the sweet hi-hello encounters, a gossip occasion, a boastful incident – flirting.

Then books started to file up into my desks and thesis writing suggested a more serious life. The break-time then evolved to TIME-OUT. It’s a spell-breaker to the monotony of my traditional professors who assumed to be genius and to my exhausting vacant stare at the white board assuming that I fully understood the x and y equations.

And now the 15-min becomes the most valuable thing for me, and I now call it REST. It’s a time to rest my feet from walking here and there from attending my client needs and to feed my hungry tummy. It’s a rest from my draining ten hours of work.

Everyone needs a recess, a break, a time-out, a rest.

A vacation leave from work

A semester’s break at school

A stop-over from a long trip

A commercial break for soaps

A contraceptive holiday

Everyone needs it…

Even in LOVE.

When you asked me if I still love you, I didn’t say no. I said nothing.
When you asked me again, my reply was, “It’s not easy to fall out in love”
What I really wanted and what we really need is a recess, a break, a time-out, a rest.

…A recess for us to enjoy eating gummy bears alone while reminiscing the dinner we had.

…A break-time for us to see the world beyond our hugs and to have a sight-see, like a walk in the park during idle Sundays.

…A time-out for our arguments and misunderstandings for us to enjoy the harmony in our differences.

…A rest for us to reexamine and reassess our relationship.

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ps. you're always in my mind