Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a lil' mourn

Alright! Here I am again with my 10-min quickie post and blog hopping (oh busyness in life, heh heh heh).

Sheesh! My niece’s getting me sore with her temper tantrums and ear piercing cry. However, the villain is no other than her tito, heh heh! So talking about tantrums, just lately my sissy and I had a lethargic convo at the sofa and talked about raising children and handling the kiddo crabbiness. But “urghs” the convo streamed back to my childhood tantrum fiasco. I hate those times wherein the only thing I could do was to cry whenever I felt giving my homily of defense. Here’s my extravagant tantrum performance. Once we had a visitor, my cousin from far, far away land and just minutes before she arrived, I was admonished (hah hah hah) by my mother of faith. Ouchmatawie to the thousands power because I had no chance to stand for my rights of speech, it was hard for a kiddo, hahaha though my stand for sure was just a defensive dialogue. Anyhow here’s what happened. My cousin went to my filthy room and then after a moment she got out wearing a puzzled face and asked “ Meron bang nakikinig ng ‘AM’ radio sanyo? Yung radio ata dun sa kwarto ni Sunny nakabukas pa rin.”. My mum went at a complete loss knowing that no one’s listening to “AM” radio at home and for the fact that there was no radio on my room but after a second thought she knew what exactly it was. Then my mum blurted out “Sunny nandito pinsan mo, tama na dialogue mo dyan sa cabinet, mahiya ka naman”. Oh no, oh no! ha ha ha! That’s how I squeeze out my temper tantrums. At least my self-dialogue sounded like a radio announcer, how’s that? Hah hah hah! My cabinet had been my comfort zone and I felt so secured whenever I slumped down with my clothes. Though cabinets have been the usual scene of monsters and ghouls portals in movies and books, for me it’s a gateway for relief and relaxation.

Thought for today- how often do you cry and release the temper tantrums in this frigging world? Sheesh! In my case, everyday! I’ve read this line from a book - a little mourn each day is enough…yadah yadah but you oughtta rise and face the world. Is it right? Well, I live with that though! Anyhow, I guess I can still fit in my dresser and slump down but the heck I couldn’t cry out loud and say my oration of remorse. That’s pretty bad since crying silently is more heavy-going than crying out loud. Sometimes I wish that I was still a kid, haiz! Because the more you grow up the more problems are rising at your path. But I guess that’s real meaning of growing up, not in size but in maturity in facing the real picture of life. Sheesh, whatever!!! A lil mourn each day is enough, the sun’s still there and will soon shine high, yadah yadah! Bye for now! See ya later alligator! lol….

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