Monday, March 15, 2010

you found me

I am starting to miss you…

We hadn’t have a perfect encounter. I was darn tired that time and on the other hand, you were very eager and lively to know me. Though I didn’t let you know that I often saw you following me, I find it very sweet and irresistible, I am sorry for not showing you what I felt those days because my body was indeed dead beat.

But of course, with your perseverance and enticing charm, It’s out of the question that you caught my attention and time. I remember when I first touch your subtle body, it was heaven, and now I really yearn for it. I miss you.

And because you found me...

every day

I miss you

now that you're gone

OSCAR "woof, woof"

N.B. please Return OSCAR.

p.s. i missed you all guys! "hugs"