Monday, May 17, 2010

the sound

I thought it was just me. I thought it was a sort of Sadako haunting or the Heretic experience of Linda Blair. I thought I was bewitched in a Shutter Island. I thought it was…

Everything had started during my first week working in the Intensive Care Unit, the days wherein I had my first ever mortality. One night after my tiring duty I woke in the dead of the dark, sweating and palpitating because I was hearing creepy sound in my mind. It was a recognizable sound, a sound that i'd been hearing almost every day of my life. It felt really uncanny, but I just it ignored it to shut it off from my awareness. And I tried to deliberately forget about it. But then the next night, I had the same problem and it became creepier because the sound became bloodcurdling.

It was a sound that carried me into wakefulness from a dream. And when I was wide-wake, the spell had refused to go away. Then it abruptly expired. It seemed that the sound was haunting me silently in the dark. Sometimes the sound seemed to be pleading for my thought. Sometimes it sounded like an alarm that would mean a power. And it sometimes the sound was sounding quietly, creeping into my unconscious, and then it lingered into my conscious world.