Wednesday, April 30, 2008

difficult people...part1

The golden rule states "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

I thought that was the rule that will make the world fair and just but i was wrong... I had this terrible experience when i favored a person's request but in the end i felt that I was stoned to death.

As usual, i was hooked in front of my pc, googling, chatting, killing time...In my denouement, there was someone who sent a private message to me...simple pep talked for getting-to-know stuffs but then as we go on with our conversation, i noticed that he started to demand things on me. Damn!...

Pop OuT:

"Difficult and Demanding people are on the hunt for a quarrel. It’s not personal, usually. It’s just that you happen to be the most convenient target.

Difficult people are insecure. They want YOU think and live like THEY think and live. Misery indeed loves company. They feel better if you are tense and unhappy.

What can you do to instantly neutralize their negativity? You cannot stop them from being difficult and demanding. Heaven help you if you try! But you can control your own reactions through the amazing power of NowFacts." by Tom Russel

love drive...

Monster on Foot...

my phone rang..."damn its too early"...
"sunny get up, meet you @SM manila, 9am sharp"
WHAT? Crap!
I immediately rushed in to the comfy room and had my swift splash on the shower. Put on my usual jeans, that never had a plunge bath for almost a month, so filthy! plus white shirt and rugged sneakers, that complemented the filthy look. After 30 mins of bus ride, i got off the bus and walked on foot going through the mall. Then, i jumped into the elevator and landed on the uppermost level...I saw her!
she was there waiting for me with her see-through, tightly-fitted blouse...
i was stupefied and my imagination went out crazy... to be continued!

thoughts....left behind....

there were times in my life that i felt so invincible, that i could do anything and have everything i wished for. I believed that with strong convictions, perseverance, and burning passion i could win any battle, any quantity that i desire. But ive learned, that life is indeed unfair, unavoidble things may happen anytime...
Now, i felt that i was walkin in the midst of a desert with birds hovering around me and with the salty breeze brushing all the hope remaining in my heart.
its breaking's melting my whole body and drying my own sense of distiction...I wished that i was not the person that I am right now. I wished that i was an evil prank before. I wished that i was a bum. I wished that my past was broke. That i never had the things i have right now...for i felt that i was a failure...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

blossoming blues....

i hate today
seeing your face in whisper's distance
makes a road of thousand miles

you're in my touch
a chance to show my sunsire love
but it creates a dusk of lonely sights

the morning dew of tear
the shadow of sadness
an inch to my lost paradise

when will be the day
for me to say that i care a lot
i'm longing for you so much
i'm dreaming of you in an enveloping dark
hoping that tomorrow you're in my arms

maybe my feelings are not enough
in a mysterious tenderly catch

maybe my tears are just in a little cold cup
flowing in a desert's heart

and maybe my loneliness
can't make worry to God

but one thing is true
i'm in a blossoming blues
feeling of Love against the star and moon owing You...