Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello 2010

Prospero Ano Nuevo!

I only got 30 minutes left before setting off to work. Yeah guys, Imma spend the New Year with my clients with GCS of less than 7. Whew! Work, work, work! Anyhow, Happy New Year to all! Many thanks to all of my blog friends who painted my 2009 vibrantly, I had fun and learned a lot of things from you pals. Keep in touch and May we all have a fruitful 2010.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

the spell

After the shenanigans, the over night parties, and the drinking spree, my life has made a quick turn-over just yesterday when the wicked witch from the past has gone into metamorphosis by transforming herself into a beautiful, tempting fairy. The fairy instantly waved her magic wand smoothly and then the illusion of rainbow has surfaced into my placid world. Then the fairy winked at me and then I got caught by her spell completely. Now, I'm floating in the air and singing "reunited" or more suitably "make it easy on me".


n.b. just a quickie post "grins"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fade it away

The cliché says First Love never dies, and I guess one of the most painful events in life is getting over the first love that made you fly but in the end it left you with the broken wings. First love doesn’t always end in “they-lived-happily-ever-after” scene. Most of us are just so naïve to believe that the magic of first love cannot be replaced by any other love. In my case, still struggling with this little foolishness…

5 things I hated after my first heart-broken experience.

1. Bes- because this was my ex called me after our break-up. It’s killing me; I loved that person more than best friend but the hell, I was just the nth party. Though my so-called Bes has not done something heinous (like stealing my jelly beans), the thought of being betrayed is always coined with that alternative title –Bes.

2. Krispy Crème - reminds me of ex again, during my quick visits before going to work with the uberly sweet donuts on hand. And the cuddling under the moonlight romance and the sweet goodbyes whenever I sent my Bes home.

3. Buying shirts of same kind – I would never ever wear that shirt again. Swear! Oh, I forgot to donate it during Ondoy.

4. Tramadol – The paradoxical effect - it’s making me sick, sheesh. It alleviated your headache but it would never (not even a bit) ease the pain that you caused me.

5. Lastly, my feeble emotions. I hate it whenever I remember you because it’s very unfair for my baby.

N.B. Pathetic me! Babe, forgive me. I just don’t want to pretend that I am okay. I thought that I could breeze it out with you. I’m such a jerk for being insensitive. Please say you'll never go.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009


There is no place like home, the abiding place of the affections...I missed everything about this place, the scent of air, the heat of the sun, the comfort of every corner and most especially the memories that dwell on this abode...And I always carry the wishful thinking that someday we'll (my sissies) gonna be here to celebrate Christmas...

So to fill up my pathetic emotional reminiscing, i set up our old Christmas tree. It's been a tradition between my mum and I to erect this antique tree. I missed it much that i had a slight regression to my childhood days.

My favorite hand-made Christmas balls, made from beads, sequins, lace, and stones.

I'm finally heart really belongs to this place, to my family.

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Btw, this is my favorite PJ and of course my Christmas mug....Happy Christmas in Advance...Celebrate it with your loved ones, with your family.

upside down

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Whatever may happen - upside down...
I'll still love you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

afternoon delight....

this is what ya' called LIFE!

ride with me...

come! come!

afternoon delight...

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Thank GOD or else I'd probably be here for life...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was on my 4th grade when I first heard of the word “insurance”. It was during our out-of-town educational trip wherein my head was covered with 20 thousand pesos. From thence, I got mindful on how money can guarantee almost everything in this world. Just like when my aunt guaranteed her house and all of the things inside it and when the hilarious butt of J.Lo that was insured by millions. Man is really doing everything to fight off the forces of nature.

Last week after my tiring work because two of my clients had died, this topic flooded back into my thoughts. And then I questioned the universe if there’s really a so-called “insurance”. I remember one of my clients who had a vehicular accident, the loss of his wrecked car went back but his life, never. Another one was with 21-year old professor of the state university who did everything to be ahead of herself in career and education but then she died in a brain infection. Then the victims of the raging typhoons, their houses were fairly compensated about the damage but their lives were not salvaged. So where is then the so-called “security”? Man is really hilarious. Because none is certain in this world, for we don’t know what lies ahead and no one can ever predict the future. So don’t ever feel secured, you might have a trust fund, a stable job, a healthy body, because unavoidable things may happen anytime.

Instead of worrying what things to get insured, take moments to feel the simple yet profound security that we can avail in this passing life.

How about the hugs from your loved ones? Isn’t a lifetime insurance that you had life? Think about it...

In the end, the best insurance that we could all have is by being FREE

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Enjoy every moment because there's no such thing as life insurance...

n.b. i think im gonna die soon...i need your hug more often.

Saturday, October 31, 2009



Alright, here comes again the Halloween Celebration. It really never occurred in my mind because of the busyness at work until yesterday when I went out to the mall to chill out. Oh, everything’s on theme – make it a bit bizarre and sloppy scary dude. Oh, the cobwebs are everywhere with the flying bats made from polyurethanes , and of course the entertaining salespersons with their flabby costumes. Oh yeah, it’s really Halloween, and makes me a bit unwell for the emotional bombi attack of self-pity, hahaha. Wish I could do some pranks, have the trick-or-treating, wear flabby costumes, and a lot more of kiddoes' activities.

But of course, I learned how to entertain myself. So to keep up with the spookiness of Jack-o'-lantern, here’s my solo celebration of Halloween….

Oh, sheesh!
it's pretty cold today, wish there's someone who could trick-or-treat with me. "grins"...


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the issues...

I had a good sleep though I went to bed very late, four in the morning. While I was savoring the breakfast, I picked up my new book of Han Nolan which I bought on sale – as usual. The story started with the adventure of two lads in making a still to produce alcohol which they thought that would turn their chest hair into a carpet. My own frigging experience of puberty came into flash. Though I already entered the dawn of twenties, the “firsts” will always be fresh, vivid and will definitely make an LOL reminiscing time for me.

Here’s the flash back:
The top 8 puberty issues (relationship excluded)

1. Chest hair:
I really had a considerable problem on how would I make my chest hair to grow thicker. I even thought of applying Sabila extracts to do the trick. Seven years have transpired and luckily It dint bother me now.
2. Hair, hair, and more hair: The mustache and beard. The accessory hair that symbolizes manhood, the image of “balbasarado”. With my axillary hair, it was fun monitoring how it flourished my armpits that used to smell like baby, but now it smells like baby pa din,lol....
3. The bush under: to trim or to shave. My skin got sore after shaving it. Lesson learned – don’t bother that bush. It has a purpose.
4. Voice: whenever I would hear comments about how my voice turned husky, it never failed to boost my mature ego. Ehem, ehem, hear that?
5. The kiss: The first tutorial was with my own clenched hand, on the lateral area between the thumb and the index finger that looks like (in my eyes) a rugged lips. Lol. My imaginary lips to practice the amor of kissing. Got that idea from TV.
6. Keep my private work privately: The CR was the first witness of my first weakness. But I always had a problem on how to keep it noise-free and privately. I was caught by mum doing that thing, sheesh… I forgot to lock the door. Whatta shame. And I even broke a lavatory by doing that business.
7. The dream: When would I own a porn video? And that remained a dream.
8. The little man: With a scale chart for growth and development of my lil’ man.

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How about YOURS?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

really filthy....

Okay, this is my first (and my last - maybe) to give my opinion about our filthy political system. Just a plain personal view, baseless, and off course, full of biases, reklamo? Sa presinto. My opinion got stirred just this morning while reading the complimentary news paper at mcdo. The headline says: “Erap stars in Palace Return”. Sheesh, though this isn’t really a surprise, this still made my brows to rise and my mouth to smirk after saying “duh” (got this from tedi). What on filthy earth this old, controversial, ex-con, balbasarado is thinking about? Well, most probably this decision came from his uncanny advisers who think that majority of Noypi are still pathetic, loser, and fool (just like their derby cock pet). Dang, for an actor who has no good educational background, who’s always jerky during leaders’ conference, who was placed into jail and then released out of face value of the dwarf who in the first place put him inside the bars of shame, still made it to the top three of the recent SWS survey. Ohmigosh, it only means that SWS has totally lost its credibility or maybe Juan has lost its sanity. Sir, you may call it as your last performance, but no doubt that it will never be your best. But if ever you make it, i'll jump off from the plane without parachute (then laughs). On the other hand, Erap’s pet for vice presidency isn’t an amwful monster, thanks goodie!”. Ganito kami sa Makati”, I have to agree that there’s a sense of pride if you’re living or working in Makati. Sige nga, if I say Quiapo? No qualm, snatchers and pickpocket-ers. How about Mandaluyong? Of course, Miriam’s follower. Taguig? Synonymous with Adik. Pardon me for these statements, hahaha. Just want to point out that Binay made Makati a topnotch city in the country, progressive and classy with the feeling that jobless doesn’t exist, literacy isn’t acceptable and needless to say, sosyal ang crimes, Coup d’etat. . Anyhoo, sir I gotta a feeling (BEP rock’on) that you wont make it. Calculating the possibilities of the blah blah x and y equation, still you can’t.

So who will be our future leaders? The decision is in our thumbs, register to vote. If all of the options are rotten, just choose the lesser evil. Ciao!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

only six pesos

It was a compulsive decision. It’s an additional load to my tiring life. And it marks a new page in my filthy scrapbook to doodle the every day scratch of life. Another cool change; from pocket size to two inches width manuscripts, from slate to monitor, from pens to keyboard, from traditional to virtual. These are just some of the few changes, but the most exciting one, I’ll be paying only 6 pesos for my fare.

N.B.1 - My horoscope says:
Career: Stars favor your career plans – promotions, raises, and transfers to other companies.
N.B. 2 – Jinro is just..fine.
N.B. 3 - Goodluck!

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