Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The short form

"On October 1st mark you calendar." Cris told me with the smiley emoticon and the all caps okay then bold period. With no question mark, he meant no NO answer. I just replied,"dress code?" in an impulse. He responded with a semi-formal, borderline formal attire. Oh, with my new Espirit long sleeve and sleek pants, flaunting wouldn't be a problem.


First comes the anticipation of meeting up with new people carrying the multi-tainted billboards on their faces, then comes the butterfly in the tummy upon entering the room, thinking if you've just carried the right facade for the night. Then comes the blowing of trumpets, the competition of making of the opera sound in a demure and classy style while the making the softest yet sharpest sound of sarcasm.

I sometimes do not care passionately about what other people tell who they are in terms of the status quo, but it's interesting in the abstract. People tell each other things to elicit some sort of response. The usual talk to impress each other, or how successful they are or how big time they have become. To give us a kind of flattering context. But there were times that I'd want to cut to the short form. "Hi, I'm interesting, but I am damn serious". This is to ask people straight out to like me or maybe give them references from other people who've thought that I was interesting, but damn serious or funny in the past.

So the short form of what I am telling is that we don't want just to be anybody, we want to be somebody at any rate. Though there's nothing wrong in obtruding oneself to public notice, sometimes the confidence of silence makes the loudest sound for you to stand out.

* Hi there fella, this is my comeback post after my long hiatus from insanity. So, I am back to mingle, to talk, and to party with you all. Cheers! Shhhhhh...