Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bumming around

Ever heard of HK noodles?
How about Nomimono Kokonattsu series?
Never? Here it is guys, my "bumming around" at Robinson Ortigas.

Going out is never complete without binging into a variety of food. But for a bum on walk, it is quite different, quite difficult. Budget is the major determinant of choosing the right food; your palate's choice is just secondary. After browsing some books at National Bookstore, I started surveying the fast foods at the food court that offer good food at very reasonable price. PhotobucketThe first thing that I noticed was the queue on a small food stall, it's HK noodles. “HK (stands for Hong Kong) style noodles” provides a real fast food at a very practical value. At 26 pesos, you can already have a beef or pork noodles. The serving is composed of oriental noodles and toge(mongo srpout), cooked lightly that gives the crunchy texture. One exciting scheme of HK noodles is their assortment of sauces that will definitely suit to the diverse customer choices. Some of these sauces are teriyaki, oyster, soy, garlic, chili and other oriental seasonings. The way of serving, which is in a disposable cups plus a chopstick, is suited for those who are in a hurry and broke. I had a beef noodle with teriyaki sauce and chili. Sumptuous!
For the drinks,Photobucket I spotted an appealing fruit juice stall at the 3rd level of the mall called Nomimono (refreshment). It has variety of fruit juices served in different ways - aloe, kokonattsu, fusion. The name of the store is quite hard to pronounce as well as the names of their juices; it's because of the store's origin - Japan. Honeydew is their bestseller but I chose mango-lychee fusion. It's a 3-layer fruit shake with aloe and fruit pulps: the bottom part has the sweetest syrupy taste and the softest texture- the aloe, the second layer has the natural flavor of lychee and fiber texture –the pulp, and the top most layers has chunks of mango and pieces of lychee. It’s really refreshing. Til’ next time guys, gtg.



Nang ika'y makita
Puso ko'y lumundag sa pagkagalak
Ngunit nang ang orasa'y tumunog
Ako'y lubusang natakot
Sa hinagpis mong galak
Sinigaw ang musika mong iyak
Tila'y humalinang kerubin
Napuspos ang kaba
Tinik sa dibdib ko'y guminhawa

Ang paglalakbay ay puno ng sorpresa
Tulad ng pagdausdos mong kabit ang tali sa kalooban ni ina
Sa dilim ika'y taimtim
Sa liwanag ika'y susubukin
Ano nga bang tatahakin
Katanungang pilit mong sasagutin

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Friday, September 19, 2008


WHAT A SURPRISE from my dearest pare,love you!lol....
Amor, thank you for this very beautiful work! awesome!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It’s late in the afternoon
She’s wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her lipstick, powder on her face
And brushes her short black-burgundy hair
And then she asks me
Do I look alright
And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight

She was wearing Capri pants, sleeveless blouse, and a clean pair of white sandals. She looked pretty – as always, though the layers of fats (specifically three layers) on her tummy were visible on her clothes. She’s fat but I always tell her that she’s just chubby - I love her in that figure. She has freckles on her face, around her cheekbones. And there’s a burgundy hair growing on top of her black short hair, a style maybe, I guess. She’s generally beautiful.
I asked for her hand and she gladly handled it over me. We walked along the streets on HHWWPSSP mode (holding hands while walking – pa swing-swing pa). We both wanted to have a perfect date, so our first course was no other than a church, Baclaran Church – the dating place for couples wanting a divine providence. We prayed silently, side by side, asking for blessing in life and giving gratitude for the moment we had. With spirits flying on the sky, we went to Mall of Asia (MOA), and still on HHWWPSSP mode. I asked her which cuisine she would want to have. She just said, “Anything, It’s your plan and the decision is all yours”. We had a long walk, searching for a good place to eat at. My choice was an affordable Italian food of Chef de Angelo but when we got there, only after looking at the mall’s directory, the place was jam packed. I was hungry then and I knew she was, too, she wasn’t just complaining. Because of our hungry tummies that couldn’t wait any longer, I took her to Kenny. I chose healthy plate for her and crispy chicken for me. We had a great meal, not because of the food but because of the moment we had together. After binging out, I took her to bay walk wherein we strolled in an HHWWPSSP mode again. The place was romantic with loving orange rays of the sun stretching under the horizon. We sat on a bench near the fountain while enjoying our fruit juices. We talked about everything but I didn’t open up my feelings for her. I just thought that my action had spoken for me. After the long chat, we went home, still on HHWWPSSP mode with aching gastrocnemius muscles. I asked her if she enjoyed the night and she smiled at me and said, “I love it, wonderful night”. When we got home, she fell on the bed easily. And while she was sleeping, I gave her my goodnight sleep. That was a day for both of us, a memorable date.

She is beautiful in and out. She is the most beautiful girl in my life, the most important girl in my life. She is no other than my nanay, my mum.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


hi there! i have nothing much to share with you guys, life's pretty boring, It's quite a good Sunday, though. I spent my whole morning re-reading this old book "The World According To Garp" with coke zero (the carbo drink suited for bum - zero life,zero bucks,lol) and yummy buy-one-take-one hopia,lol.

But i had a good date this afternoon after celebrating a mass in Baclaran. I'll write about this date maybe tomorrow. Guys, I'll be having my vacation again, thanks goodie, for two weeks i guess. I just hope that there's an internet connection in that place.