Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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-Disaster Recovery
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Monday, May 11, 2009


Kablam! Wassup fella? I’ve been out for quite a long time, whew!
Uhmm, I just had my regular hibernation, ya know just to clean-up my effin mind
Many things had happened for the past few weeks, but most of them were crappy unfortunate adventures.

Alright, I was busy with my work, with my regular hell days, and I was preoccupied with the toughest race of my life, with myself. Oh paralyzed life, the usual thing of keeping yourself busy and tiring yourself till you knocked down at bed so you’d never noticed that the day has transpired already. I also had my disastrous meet-ups that ended up to lame shoving…never mind. And I ain’t got anything to do to entertain myself. And there’s no one for me to bug on.

On the brighter side, I could still feel my flesh, the substance that I’m still alive and kicking with life’s plural. Another thing is, I still got plans for tomorrow, so yabadabadoo! On top of all the exclamation marks in my life, imma readying to live independently, yahoo/googlooo! Yup, imma looking for a pad now, hahaha but it should be urberly cheappy or else aint gonna survive with my irritating salary. On the flipside, id be going lie low with blogging til’ I got the bucks to connect me to the world wide web.

Btw, Belated Happy Mum’s Day, especially to my tabaching-ching Nanay. Nay, love u so much!

Take care people! Shhhhhhhhh….

Silence isn’t just the mere absence of noise.
You can find
silence even in the busiest street.
Silence is like music, a lullaby that sways your soul inward.
Silence isn’t unheeding.
Silence lets you hear the clandestine
...the slightest touch
...the heartbeat
...the blow of the wind
..the dance of the droplets
...and anything beyond the human senses
Silence isn’t black, white, blank or bland
Silence is vibrant just like the rainbow that ends in the pot of comfort
Silence isn’t apathy
Silence communicates further than the mouth’s ability
Silence isn’t confined, not boxed in your world.
Silence imbues everything, even the hardest heart.
It is comfort, security, relief, and
Silence is a submission of sincere heart