Sunday, January 17, 2010


For the past few months I enjoyed walking in the rain, enjoying the tactile gladness of the droplets. It seemed that it was a walk of a lifetime. But I was wrong because now I feel like running, to chase the rainbow after the last drop of the rain. I found myself confused, puzzled, naked, and worldly. Calculating my niggling undertakings, I consider myself no less than a punch because I was able to invest with my profession by laboring with continuing studies. And though it slashed my pockets and bogged me down to enjoy the TGIFs, at the end of the day I feel a bit richer and happier -somehow. It’s not easy, especially by doing it “all-by-myself”, a trying-hard wannabe independent victor. I needed to balance my insatiable wants to my petty salary, taking into account each dime against every drop of my sweat. Even if it was hard, I learned how to struggle with it. I learned how to live with it. With all the burdens on my shoulder, finally I was awaken by the bulk of it and then I realized that I know how to shrug it off. Yes, I learned how to say no, I made it. I was able to lift my hands and waved goodbye to some of the weights. Now, I feel a bit better. This morning, I did my laundry, cleaned my closet, had an exercise, took a shower, and groomed myself well. But then, I heard this song and it played continuously in my mind…

Pink - Just Like A Pill
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Oh crap, it’s not easy to leave all those weights. It feels different. I just wanna run.