Sunday, June 1, 2008


after my sister and her family left pinas for Oz, i was pretty sad because i get used to live with them especialy with my nephew bastie-kun, missed him much. Luckily my aunt had invited us (me and my other kapamilyas) to spend a day at sofitel. I was bored that day and felt just to go to sleep. But my niece insisted me to come ( i can't say No to her request) so i joined them. Room 739, nice place with a perfect view of manila bay for the enchanting sunset and the much-awaited last day prformance of pyrolympics. It was fun because i was with my kapamilya kiddos (preschool children). I enjoyed their inncocent smiles, cute giggles, and of course their impressive unstoppable questions about life and stuffs. They took a plunge in hte pool together with sun as it was sinking below the horizon and when the scene became more romantic with the ambient scattering of the sun's sinking rays, i took a plunge too. Life! I actually worked as a full-time yayo (male counterpart of yaya)for them. I attented them during the awesome fireworks display while we ate up the free buffet on the seaside up to the kidsclub play time hour. I was really fun playing with kids. It refreshed my stiff personality and made me to remember that life is simple. I aslo had my emo time on the poolside under the summer scene of the feather palms and coconut trees. It was fun-filled moment.

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