Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The hell!!! Why did I utter those things? Mindless crap!

“I’m giving you two minutes to say something about yourself that you didn’t include in your resume”

“All right, I’m Sunny. I read psychology books and novels that tackle human eccentricity. I have just finished the book of Han Nolan about depression and the bits and pieces about dejection….”
Then I glanced on the bland wall of the room and saw a painting, a white orchid.
I continued by talking about….arts
“I value the substance of arts, may it be a painting, crafts or literary pieces. It is pleasant to know the emotions behind it. I am a movie addict too; it’s my form of relaxation…and uhm…uhm…”
Then I saw his brows rising.
Damn I messed up with my interview.
Redirect yourself sunny….
The interviewer made another fancy gesture of disappointment. He moved his lips to side as if he’s fed up with my presence. I knew that he would stop me at any point time.
But I went on with my statements.
“When it comes to work, I am very diligent. Good planning is very essential to carry on any kind of task. I can handle stress straightforwardly and being flexible is one of my good traits”
Then my mind got blocked again.

Oh, crap!

I had a difficult time convincing myself to attend that interview. I got up with a joker’s attitude of tossing a coin to dictate my destiny. The time I got on the building, I conditioned my mind to be logical, but obviously, it didn’t work.
Another failed day…

To lighten up the mood, here are some of the weird questions that I met during my job hunting escapades.
1. If you were given a chance to be a superhero, which would you be.
My answer: spidey because of his web slinger

2. What did you do last weekend?
My answer: dozing off and pigging out

3. Ask me a question.
My answer: why did you ask me that?

Job-hunting is a very tiring thing to do but sometimes it’s the funniest way to spend your idle times.


Anonymous said...

steady lang pre, ganyan tlga..tagay nlang!weee!Gudluck kaya yan!sus!

Anonymous said...

pre tenchu sa greetings, nkkaiyak, nyahaha, wakokoks ksi daming language, hkaahkah, ingatz lage!!weeeee!!tagay!!

miss_dibly said...

lol. nice ung "why did you asked me that?" lol

ako din, sanay na sa mga failed interviews. lol. pero, carry pa naman. hehe