Saturday, July 12, 2008

my failed day!

I was impulsively quick in my walk to booksale, "at last ill have that book" talking to myself with intense emotional burst, lol." ill never let go of you again"
Because last Wednesday, I hanged out at booksale just to kill time. Then after a drawn-out browsing, I found this absorbing novel "the cider house rules by john Irving (one of my faves). Sheesh! Without a faltering thought, I took it hurriedly and queued up. Then when I came with my turn to pay for it, I pulled out my pocket (I was confident that I have some extra bucks on it) and surprisingly (lol) there was only a 50-peso bill on it and the book costs 80 pesos (only -on sale). I felt so sad, lol and I went home with a devastating sorrow.
So it’s my chance to own it, I looked into the shelf wherein I hid it imperceptible by the eye (last wed)but jeez, it was not there anymore. I asked one of the sales persons about the book and she told me that they had just rearranged the books on that shelf. Therefore, the book must have been placed on a different area or it was already sold. With all my guts, I looked for it but then, I failed. The money on my wallet…Useless.

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