Monday, July 14, 2008

time lag

“Tinubuan n ko ng tlaba dito kakahintay sau” Kim’s contempt statement
“inwaliw mo muna sarili mo” I said
He pulled his hand to get the paper back that I was holding.
“No way, ill give it to you later, gimme a treat for this heavy luggage”
“I think a glass of something is enough. Soda and uhm…with the perfect combi…”
“Hooey, I give up before now.”
“Then just savor the second hand smoke”

We went out of the mall to look for a cafeteria along Araneta Center. Then we stopped on 7eleven.
“Mikki break” (a term we conceived when smoking was still an outlawed in the bounds of our families) he said
“o’right go and get your self the elixir of life” Then my phone rang…
It was my sister, she was just checking out if I still have an allowance. My “ate” always hand me petty bucks to splurge whenever I go out. Sounds ridiculous, I’m no kiddo. lol.
Kim came out from the store with two large tumblers of Slurpee and a pack of cigarette.
“Loko oh, ano toh?” I said in repel
“My treat” he replied scoffing at me
“hoeey, loko oh, I wont give you this” tugging the paper bag before his face.
“I’ll run off with that”
“Sigh! Kuripot”

We continued our walk in the length of Araneta Center and then Kim posed on the flight of steps of a mall. The flashing light of the cars passing by illuminates the area. Kim lit his cigar and leaned back on the wall.
“I guess luck is against you Sunny” he said to me in a flat tone
“Come on, don’t talk like that, you’re shoddier than me” my reply to lighten up his sour start convo.
“That was then, this is now” he replied in a base tone.
“What are you trying to point out?”
“Oi Kalma, ya’ know, we really don’t know what lies ahead right? It’s just funny how you poked fun at me back then and...look at us now!”
I knew exactly what he’s trying to say. He wanted me to think over the things that I did in the past, my cranky attitude and how I treated them shoddily. He is my friend and we both belong in a circle of friends that is full of hullabaloo yet tightly bonded and I guess it is the complexity that made our friendship grows. Kim smiled at me, i got his message. Nothing more to say. It's time for silence.
“My mouth is desert dry and stop the hey you’re talking about. Gimme’ a stick”
Kim handled me a stick of dunhill “You quit aha”
Kim took a long puff and blew the smoke steadily. I watched it swivel and wobbled my hands, puffing on the cigarette he had given me and thinking over what he had said…
The silly things...that knocked me down...

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