Sunday, September 28, 2008

The skeleton in your closet: so d*** angry!

Last night I received a text message from someone who wanted me to get sore. Hey i know who you are and i know that you've been lurking there to find faults in my frigging life. This is actually a re-post in case you weren't able to read the first time I posted it. Get out of my life.

““I'm sorry mama!
I never meant to hurt you!
I never meant to make you cry!
But tonight I'm closing up my closet!”

Buzz, showbiz blitz, paparazzi, perezhilton…etc. Our society has never run out of steamy fresh gossip, from the very shallow ones up to the scary skeletons in someone’s closet. Gossip, this is indeed the oldest and the most popular way in spreading views like plague that drops our jaws and makes us drools.

Samples: When Michael Douglas was admitted to rehab in 1990 and claimed the he was a sex addict. When the matrix superstar admitted that he was a fag, the whole world was shocked and turned all ears on homo superstars. The Hilton, Spears, and Lohans’ rivalry for filthy slutty trophy that makes the entertainment industry rich is non-stop and top-rated. And the gossipocracy is far advance in politics, the filthiest stage drama of mankind, and an intercontinental flights rumormonger. We have the New York Governor media pressure over his involvement in a career-ending prostitution scandal, and the first couple GMA and FG scandal about the never-ending kickback's and irregularities of the famous NBN ZTE Deal . That’s the payoff of the fame and glare popularity of showbiz, all closets are open for investigation.

This is never-ending. This makes the pages of newspapers and tabloids. And this has become a dose of applesauce for daily living.

But what if these things happen to you?
Crap! Yes, B*******!

It’s totally b******* when gossip vultures come to your life and make a fancy work of paparazzi. I can’t see the point why do some people latches on you just to make a f****** babble. Hey, I’m not a f****** politician or any lying sack of s***. The clingy gossip-maker like ingrown nails with loose-mouth, very annoying. “Is it true, blah blah” “Oh I’ve discovered that blah blah is a complete a**h***” acting so much like of the gossip squad b******. They want to know the skeletons in your closet for a filthy lame reason, just to feed their nasty dumb brains. As if they have clean and clear a*****!

Jeez, everyone has it, the corpse in a closet that you’ve been hiding for ages with troubled thought that makes you cry out in the dead of the night. The drifting mind from present to past is killing you and makes you feel so guilty and rotten...blah blah blah... Yes, the skeleton you do not wish to see again and it’s hunting you. Yeah! Yeah! Scary! But does it make a sense for someone to dig it out? Are they receiving payoffs for knowing such nasty bones?

I don't see any point! But if that makes them happy, then go on!
Secrets! Secrets! I have plenty of it. How about the size of my d***? Wanna know?

I'm tired!
I'm fed up with it.

I'm sorry mama!
I never meant to hurt you!
I never meant to make you cry!
But tonight I'm cleaning out my closet!”

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Heyyyyy, cool down padi... Wala inggit lang yan sayo... Wag mong intindihin, ala lang yan magawa and insecure ata sa kagwapuhan mo hahaha.. Hope you're feeling alright now.. Ingat pirmi!

kosa said...

hmmmmm? my stalker ka? kala ko pa nman si ate lang ang my stalker.. hahaha... baka ako

peace out

sunny said...

salamt Rose at Kosa..'s so annoying, galing mag BI eh, pati b naman cp number ko, birthday, at kwento sa buhay n pribado eh alam, grrr....get out my life....ahahahahahahah! bahala ka!

Amorgatory said...

pre akin nlang yung stalker mo, wahahah!!lol...yaan na mga taong mga ganyan wlang magawa sa buhay pakilala mo sakin, para may magawa naman sya, papamanicure ko sya sa toes kow araw araw, nyahaha..