Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunray smile

I saw this video at my blogmate’s site, I thought of it as the "usual" poem, then I read it between lines and found out simple thoughts in life - Sunray smile; how a smile makes a difference in our lives. The vid clip is awesome; it brightens up my day, seeing the smiling faces from different walks of life.

What a difference a sunray can make

in a world that's tired of the rain.

What a difference a smile can make

in a heart that's filled with pain.

(She had a) Sunray smile

Fairer then the spring or a rainbow

Sunray smile

Come to melt away the snow

The darkness of a shadow always flees

where ever a sunray is found

The darkness in a heart always leaves

when the glow of that smile is around

(She had a)Sunray smile

Fairer then the spring or a rainbow

Sunray smile

Come to melt away all the snow.

In my heart today.


miss_dibly said...

based! lol.

SUN-ray smile :)

sunny said...

Or many thanks....salamt dito ha!hehehe ayus sobra eh!!! smile tau laht...ahahahahahhaah!

Anonymous said...

magaling magaling magaling
lolz.. palakpalakan...

maganda..lolz very simple yet meaningful

Anonymous said...

yep kosa, ayus tlga un vidclips,,,

sunny said...

OMG LSS n to,lol! ahahahahaha! got d teary eyes d last time i played it,lol!

Ivana said...

what a great poem!!anyway,thx for visiting my
North Sulawesi

sunny said...

ivana thanks for droppin by....take care!

faye said...

very nature naman dating mo now!
happy sunday sunny ...padaan ulit.

sunny said...

thnks for droppin by faye!hehehehe

Chubskulit Rose said...

My fave smile is the secodn to the last one.. she has a captivating smile heheh.. Pero ang gusto kong makita smile mo Sun hahaha..

Marites said...

oy, this is so cute:) like it much.

sunny said...

heheh ropse, lage nmn ako nksmile , papicture nga ko,lol!!! ingat pirmi kabayan!

Anonymous said...

marites, thanks ngustuhan mo, ako rin eh, n LSS nga ako,heheehehee!

wanderingcommuter said...


sunny said...

thanks for droppin by wanderingcommuter,hehehehehe

miss_dibly said...

you're welcome sun! aba.. dami palang naka appreciate ng vid na to ah... nice :)