Thursday, April 23, 2009

i need sunscreen...

It's raining hard, i need to wear sunscreen!

I'm uberly BUSY...aint got time to think right because my
mind is drowned with overwhelming qualms and human's frigging mushy emotions. So
instead of making a sensible post, i just had a quickie blog hopping. And wtf, i
got more _blank_blank_blank with my
thoughts and more ellipses, the pausing dot-dot-dot with my life. Jeez, im a total
jinx, urghs!

Alright, i am not feeling well. I'm again caught with the
usual confusions of the 20something insecure man. Oh, yeah! life sucks and i
feel so empty again! Success is a mirage so i'd love to be difficult with myself!
Oh crap, hahaha! it's breezing out time,
pathetic! I'm mad!

p.s. i missed you blogger friends, hehehehe!
thanks for this vid OR!


miss_dibly said...

sunscreen. i love sunscreen!

why did you call yourself a jinx? bad sun.. bad..

hugs hugs..
go easy on yourself.
miss yah too sun!

sunny said...

miss ko n kayo OR, hehehehe! dame ko na di alam sa nangyayari sanyo! update me pls, hehehehehe!

miss_dibly said...

online ka kasi sa Ym.. miss na kita ah

Amorgatory said...

text kita maya sun ok?hahahha, mag nviea ka ksi sunsreen ka nang suncreen eh lol..muahugs u'll be fine!

sheng said...

On a lighter note, it's sunny here in our place, and wearing sunscreen would be an irony, but it's been pouring cats and dogs in Luzon daw...

Reanaclaire said...

welcome back Sunny..long time i no come here.. he he ..sorry for my absence too..
but i no like the sun.. esp these few days..can deep fried my poor skin.. ha ha ..

Maus said...

thanks kabayan sa pagdaan
ganda ng title mo dito ha!!!!
ohhh-pusit! hehehehehe

escape said...

hope everything will get better. just dropping by.

shelovesyou16(on twitter) said...

ui kuya sunny!!!
ampf. ang emo naman...
heheh dont worry kuya
u'll get better soon.. :)
basta pray ka lng kuya

aun tc and godbless

mordsith said...

hmmm.. it must be the weather. rainy days make one blue...or crazy. hehe.

shelovesyou16(on twitter) said...

"hmmm.. it must be the weather. rainy days make one blue...or crazy. hehe."

agree ako kay ate mordsith ^_^
ngyayari skn yan eh lol.

Chubskulit Rose said...

You are the luckiest jinx in the world Kabs kasi a lotta pips luvya!

john said...

lather that sunscreen man!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i enjoyed watching your video! ^_^ yeah!

miss_dibly said...

another music vid to share. :)