Friday, April 3, 2009

just my luck...


Aside from the word busyness, crap would be the second most familiar word with my life at this point of frigging spin of time. The crappy fate started last Monday when I dropped by at the mall to unwind my frozen mind because of the monotony of work-house-house-work way of living. I stumbled at People Are People Store because I saw shirts wearing by the mannequins stunningly. I got taken aback. I impulsively took it and tried it in front of the life size mirror, which I think was modified for anyone to look like make-me-a-supermodel hippie. Because of that mystification, I bought two shirts though my wallet wasn’t consenting with my cerebrum. Mother of fate, the crap attested just today after wearing it…it, it looks like more of a basahan. No question about the one hundred percent cotton written on the tag but the crap it looks like it sagged, just like the sagging skin of your tabachoy titas on their sixties. Oh, I felt so regretful and my emotion was jiving with the pinoy nursery rhyme that goes like “kung pagkain sana nabusog pa ako”.

Wait, the crappy-ness isn’t over yet, just tonight before writing this post, I got envy, green with envy with the painting posts of Or and Dh. And my impulsive thought has operated once more. There was a sudden rush of arsty mania through my veins that went on jumping across my excited nerves. “I wanna paint too”…So I immediately went out and I took a cab for me to escape the hassle of jeepney’s loading and unloading routine. I was still gasping for a dose of oxygen when I arrived at the mall but again crap... “closed/cerrado”- posted on the door of national bookstore. I got sore, in full soreness but my hope didn’t fade away immediately. I run across the long stairs from 3rd to ground level at the supermarket on tenterhooks just to find brushes and watercolors. But the crap, all I found was groceries. And again my emotion’s concomitantly drooping with the pinoy saying “Aanhin pa ang kabayo kung serado na ang tindahan ng damo”.

Sheesh! By the way, today is my day off. Day off ng boy ngayon pero it went out awful, kawawa naman.

Missed you all guys!

P.S. Wala pa ko nahahanap na LBC. Lolz.

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Amorgatory said...

hi pare,lol ka,,anyways ung ibang tshirts kow from people are people din,pero be very careful sa e chchoose mo minsan ksi nga ngsasag tlaga, if i were you, buy ka shirt from team manila na nasa moa, or ung sa artwrk if you want yung magandang texture nang tela ,lolness. at may pa advce pkowng nlalman heheh..anyways, guess what, nagbuy akow din nang new ko na drawing book hahah, i was kind of thinking of my sketches nnman so , ayun bumili akow pero pencil base lang muna akow haha, ill come up this week dn my drawing this week lol,,gaya gaya na tayow kina or at pingkoyness pero nakaktanggal tlaga nang stressed, hey enmail kta ha!!andun na hinihingi mow chek mo dali dali!! lage sun!!!punta ka nang beach sa holyweek!! blee!! tc lage pre kow!!

sunny said...

hahahahaha! lol! ayus tlgang me advise pa! sa divi n lang po or quiapo or baclaran,hehehehee! mas okay pa! sige check check ko email ko stat.!

miss_dibly said...

lol. wawang Sun.. ako din eh.. daming regrets sa mga nabili ko this past few week. I bought a 5k worth of eyeglass that looks big on my face. lol. pero in fairness, luminaw nga paningin ko.. nag mukhang mataray nga lang. lol
tapos bumili din ako ng magazines na sangkatutak. di ko pa naman sya masyadong magagamit.
di bale.. jan din naman tayo matututo.. sa mga pagkakamali. lol. ang emo ata. hehe

yey! aba.. tayong 4, di na pa doodle doodle ngaun... painting and sketching na tayo. naks.. pede pede!

aba.. bat parang nagtatago ang mga LBC ngaun? lol. excited pa naman akong makatikim ng peach flavored tea. lol

jeanny said...

If you'll buy waterwatercolor, buy the prang watercolor, you'll neve go wrong. Okay syang pang sketchpad at illustration board. YUngiba kasi pag pinaint mo nag aabsorb sa paper. :)

sheng said...

Hi there sunny, marunong ka ring magpaint? O why am i feeling like a real rubbish here, i don't, because i can't. waaaahhhh. Gusto kong matutong magpaint!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hahahah parang sa lobo yung kanta na yun ah hahaha... yaan mo na yang sagging na yan hehehe palitan mo na lang ulit..

john said...

That sucks, i know that there's no return there in the Phils but you can exchange it right?

Maus said...

hello sunny
thanks sa pagdaan ha!
ingat palagi