Tuesday, April 7, 2009


“I love everything about photography. I love how I capture the world the way I look at it and how I incorporate my creativity and passion in life. There’s a different world behind the lenses, and it’s amazing if you capture it perfectly.”

- My stance about photography. It’s always been my pleasure to capture the pictures of life, whether its landscape, radical societal concerns, conceptual, or even abstracts and distortions. This has become a part of me, my artsy mania being a right sided soul.

Taking pictures is a wonderful experience but the pleasure of photography is raised to ceiling when someone sees the picture as you’d really yearn for it to bear in that unique acuity. Because of that, pictures talk, they convey messages in a way you’d want them to speak. They serve as a clear medium of communication and sometimes they speak better than words. That’s the greatest thing I love about photography, the real spirit.

And today, fluky and funky for the camwhores on the blogosphere, here comes WeSay.com. WeSay.com is an online news site. But it’s different from other news sites because its focus is on news photography not only from mainstream media but also from amateur photographers.”

Because it‘s founded by internet professionals and journalists, the site emphasizes citizen participation in reporting today's news events. And the hit thing is they continually feature citizen news photos on their homepage. That’s what you call picture perfect that speaks.

If you want to get involved, to be proactive, the wait is over, join the Photo Contest and be heard!

Now, you have the power to report the news as you see it ... and snap it.
Your news. Your photos. Your voice.

my sample pics...


Join the latest Photo Contest now! They have different categories for the Photo Contest that would suit to your flavor; from environment to sports, current events and more!!!


Amorgatory said...

pre ill chek it out heheh, thanks tc

kg said...

looks like a great site. i'll check it out.

i also love pictures, whether taking them or looking at them [kahit pictures ng di ko mga kilala]. he! he!

eMPi said...

ganda ng photos... check i'll check the site also... thanks!

Christinchen Royale said...

I like the pictures, the way you presented them online. I've recently revived my love of photography and been clicking the shutter here and there around my sleepy town. Thanks to you, I got more ideas how to improve and do well now with digital photography.

Keep up the good work, see you around!

sunny said...

@ amor, hahaa sige forte mo yan

@ kag, ako rin ahahaha hanggang tingin lang minsan

@ Marco, thanks bud! hilig mo rin ata ya, saken SS yan eh,lol click click

@crissred, yippee! you're here again mi amiga! thts nice, the camwhore-an aura has come back, hehehehe!