Wednesday, May 13, 2009

get paid to be a hacker!

Be a real hacker! EC-Council has a lot of things to offer at. Registration is effortless and the iclass schedule is trouble-free from iweek to flexclass. And the category of learning is limitless. Here are some of the major categories:
-Security Fundamentals
-Ethical Hacking
-Penetration Testing
-Computer Forensics
-Disaster Recovery
-Secure Programming

for more info, visit:

...and get paid to be a hacker!
only @ EC-Council



miss_dibly said...

asus.. kala ko post tlga. lol. tc sun

sheng said...

haha, ako din, wanna get paid, pero di ko alam panu maghack...

GingGoy said...

i'm familiar with that org...even local trainings...problem was that one of the trainees were urged to hack certain websites by their intrauctors without permission...

and that's unethical

anyway, thanks for visiting my blog