Friday, September 11, 2009

The tale of the chili cup noodles

The tale of the chili cup noodles

Okay, I bet you’ve all heard the classic spine-chilling stories at the hospitals; the poltergeist hiding underneath the bed, the uncanny white lady going to the elevator, the walking cadaver, and all the other goose-bumps sounds and mirror-mirror mysteries. But I bet the tale of the chili cup noodles is outlandish in all the thriller title stories you’ve heard. So behold, and hold on to your seats for I’m about to reveal the most mysterious story of all times, so far.

This is my personal experience that happened just few days ago.

“Noel, the pulse rate is declining, a steady brady”
“Check the BP Sunny”
“It’s palpatory 60 Noel”
“It’s a code, the ROD Tofer”
“The e-cart, get the e-cart”
“Place the cardiac board, and start ambubagging”
‘”Pump Sunny, pump”…

Ten vials of epinephrine were used plus a premix double dose of dopamine and an additional dose of dobutamine. After three attempts to revive the client, unfortunately his system declined and death was pronounced by the resident on duty subsequent to the three hours of exhausting resuscitation.

Long lead ECG was done and you know what, there was still a visible tracing, very evident electrical impulses in the heart of our client. What would you feel about it?

Isn’t spooky? What would you do?
Eerie, right?

to be continued...
sleep muna!


spiky said...

hahahaha. may similarity ang new post natin. hehehe.

sunny said...

ahahaha! sige hop nga muna ako bago ako matulog,lol...hahahaha spoooky,lol

spiky said...

aabanagan ko ang continuation nyan ah. pagkagising mo gawa agad. hhehehe.

Xprosaic said...

Sayang di ako nakabase... jijijijijij... nosebleed... tama nga ako medical practitioner ka nga... jijijijijiji... kaya cguro nakakadetect ka ng pulse sa isang "dead" dahil tumira ka ng chili cup noodles... kainin mo kasi wag mong singhutin... jijijijiji

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh my lordie! kaya dapat lagi eat pansit para haba buhay hehehe.. intsik eh..

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blogsngpinoy said...

hi! we have some good news from the BNP admin! check it out at the latest post :)

sunny said...

@ spiky, wow haba ng tulog ko, sakit sa paa mg divisoria,lol

@ xprosiac, lol di ako sa medical practice, hahahah maling hula,lol

@ chubs, bawal pansit kasi nkktoxic yun sa work, yan paniniwala,lolz

@ bnp, salamt!

tulog muna ako!!!