Wednesday, October 7, 2009



- draft -

It was past midnight
For our rendezvous dance
Under the moonlight signals
And the sparks passing through
The coiled wires

I said my opening Hi
You replied with your sweet Hello
Our relaxed ceremonial
To start an endless dancing in the sky

Through the magic box
I could see how your eyes spark
By hitting the right keys of melodies
The sky opened a stage for our intimate party

Your steps were no usual
For a girl with a delicate heart
And the way you tease me around
Made an absorbing delight

Your admiring touch
Melted my reserved feelings inside
And as I placed my hands on your waist
And yours on my shoulders
The slow steps progressed into a splendor change

I said, you’re a great dancer
You enticed me that I was flirting
I chuckled
Then you absently combed your hair with your fingers
And I said that I was in love

You just looked at my eyes and
Then we danced
Stepping through the questions arising on the ground
We just danced, and danced
And danced

The clock rung three times
A time of bidding goodbye to the uncertain paradise
You walked away
And then you looked back at me and waved your hand
I smiled and drifted on my bed
Holding the phone on my chest

- sunny

with the last message:
"bukas ulet text text and chat tayo ha"

n.b. photo credit to amore'
thanks buddy!


Xprosaic said...

naku! ituloy na yan! ahahahhahaha... jijijiji

base?! jijijiji

the geek said...

will you dance with me, sir? hehehehe

what a very good draft..

taympers said...

nice poem. at may ganung pahabol pa ha, text text. haha... pero bidding goodbye is one of the hardiest thing to do. di ba?

journalpr4 said...

nice post friend....i like it ya..... i have added u on my link...check it and add me too....thank you....:)

sunny said...

@ xprosiac, naudlot nga,lol...nag brown out kasi!

@ geek, of course! 'grins"

@ taympers, kasi yan very delusional ako nyan,bwahahaha! dahil sa chat and text, i imagined that it was a perfect dance,hehehehee!

@ journal, many thanks for the visit! see ya more often!

Xprosaic said...

Kaya nga tuloy na eh... ahahahhahahahaha...

Xprosaic said...

Oi! si the greek gusto kang kasayaw... bilis sayaw na kayo! jejejejjejeje

sunny said...

lolz...why not! lolz

Xprosaic said...

Oi! pabugso bugso pagsipot mo ah... jejejeje... sumasayaw na ba?! jijijijiji

Chubskulit Rose said...

Parang amorsolo ang dating ah hehehe....

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Amorgatory said...

ganda pala nang kuha kow lols

sunny said...

@ xprosaic, bwahahaha! uwo..lage sumsayaw,lol

@ chubs, kabs musta na!

@ amor, pre the old times, hehehehe! kakamiss yun!

Xprosaic said...

Ahahahahahha so malamang galing ka sa sayawan kanina... jijijijiji

darkhorse said...

ganda tlaga ni Amor! weweett hahaha tc

sunny said...

@ xprosaic,lol....nkisayaw sa pasynte,lol

@ DH, yup, aprub...asan ka na? musta na si OR?

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hello kabs... nangangampanya ako ngunyan hehehe..

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mordsith said...

ay ang sweet naman ng post mo! haha. :)

darkhorse said...

hahahah wrong question -Amor di Or hahaha tc c ic!

Xprosaic said...

Weeee.... ahahahahhahahahhahah

Jag said...

Just messing up in your filthy room jijiji...visit me and I`ll sure add you in my links...nice poem though...

Amorgatory said...

@sunny eh pre may mga new fwendship kana dito o, hahah si or at dh kasi dami gngawa eh, ang yaman yaman na nila hahahha..

@dh maganda nman talga akow eh!lols