Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bad Kiss

Because your kiss, your kiss is all that I miss...

Still couldn’t dismiss the kiss that night, the kiss that lingered throughout my day and still surfacing in some cold nights. Sometimes it gives pauses in my busy day. And there are moments that it plays vividly in my mind that I could almost hear it, feel it, and taste it so real. 

Sometimes it is good to be bad, because sometimes bad is really good. I think it also applies in kiss, there is good kiss and bad kiss. I asked a friend about it, and he just told me that it is not about the kiss itself, it is more of the kisser; therefore, for him it is good kisser and bad kisser. But based from my meandering experience, there is actually a bad kiss. Yes, it happened to me. Bad kiss is not something that is sloppy, a beginner or an idiot sucker. Bad kiss is neither the romantic kiss nor the squelchy brute kiss. It is not the licking of tongue, and not even the biting and shredding off your membrane. Bad kiss overshadows good kiss. It mounts above the romantic and wild. Because bad kiss is bad. And bad is not just good, it is heaven. A bad kiss is like the forbidden fruit. Thou shall not eat that fruit. Thou shall that execute that kiss. You should never commit bad kiss, because it will drive you crazy.

Bad kiss exists.


Kris Edison said...

Bad ba talaga yun? hehehe

May contest po ako. Baka po gusto nio po sumali.

Roy said...

i like your blog, this is interesting.

im inviting you all to join my blog contest and win a domain.

see yah!

thanks, roy.

icedgurl said...

hi! thanks for the visit and comment. its in Sigaboy, Davao Oriental. :]

JC said...

is something bad simply because you can't get over it?

it's not.

i like this entry. nice nice!

sunny said...

@ crptic and roy, thanks for the invitation.

@ iced,thanks for the hop, hmm never been to davao, but it's on my list now, grins.

@ pepe, it is bad because it's forbidden, hahahah!

Victor Saudad said...

a bad kiss exists? buti na lang di ko pa naranasan :)