Friday, May 27, 2011

it lingers

Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited 'cause we understood
There's one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited 'cause we're reunited, hey, hey

It usually gives me a flash back, a back-to-the -future scene by means of my armpit time machine. Just with a little brush it brings back the old time of baby powder, Garfield, nenuco, and the hush-hush handshaking with the milkman inside the closet of a naive mind. But when stroking transcends to auto pit diving, the machine shambles and goes back and forth to various timelines -from hot summer hostage sausage up to the first simmering unbelievable work out and then the routine boxing with the bald champ. Oh it drives me crazy, just like a dose of ecstasy. Oh baby, do you like musky?

Hey, babe what can you say about my kili-kili?
Hmm…it’s way far better than coffee
What? What you mean by that?
“Giggles” It’s pampagising
So, it smells unusual? So it’s mabaho?
No, it’s not babe, it’s that not unusual, not that unpleasant, It’s not that mabaho
Come on’ , you’ve just said, it’s not that unpleasant, it’s still the same, mabaho! (galit-galitan, asking for more lambing)
Babe, I like it, it’s not like that…

Oh my armpits, the one that I adore much, and the odor that sways me to a different kind of libido. Deodorant is seldom being used and categorically the masculine scent by it is a no-no. Artificial muskiness is upsetting for once the real aroma releases, it fuses and thenceforth creates a strong stench, the putrid smell that prevents you from dancing all night and creating a sexual chemistry. Because nothing compares to the natural scent, I stick to the basic - wash, scrub, and cool outfits. I prefer it that way, my own aroma, the aftereffect of heat, sweat and the intensifying pheromones. That is why I usually do pit checking from time to time even in public places, just to take a dose of my obsession. I don’t care about what other people may say, I care much about my ecstasy.

nb.So babe, you like my kili-kili?
If you do, dive in, put your face in my well-trimmed kili-kili and then lick it, savor, and be aroused intensely.

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ZaiZai said...

haha this made me laugh :) I used to find armpits gross pero when I matured, naging fetish ko na:)